Gadgets Controller Guide

Gadgets players employ a variety of wacky, devious and deadly contraptions to baffle their foes. This power is available for all players for FREE during Character Creation.

Gadgets Controller guide updated to GU44

Statistics Priority

  • Vitalization: Increases power-restoration effects
  • Dominance: Makes your effects, like damage and defense reduction, work on enemies.
  • Power: Required to use powers in your loadout
  • Critical Power Chance: Increases chance to perform a critical with a power-restoration ability
  • Critical Power Magnitude: Increases the amount of power restored with a critical power-restoration

Power Points Build


Gadgets Controller Loadout


  1. Sticky BombRestores Power to group members over time. Dazes enemies, making them vulnerable to dazing effects
  2. Defibrillator: Bend spacetime to your will, restoring Power to your group’s three most fatigued members. Also increase your Might and Precision for a short time
  3. Vortex CannonReduces the target’s damage output and removes Damage role buffs. Knock enemies back, and possibly root and stun them.
  4. Stasis FieldReduces enemy defenses. Trap your target inside a force field, causing damage over time.
  5. Distract: Smash a smoke capsule that prevents incoming damage and protects against control effects for a short time. Enemies are detaunted and compelled to seek other targets (usable while controlled)
    • Napalm Grenade: Reduces the target’s ability to Heal and stops Power over Time effects. Inflicts Burning on enemies to cause damage over time.
  6. Battle Drone: Deploys an automated drone to assist in battle and provide power to your group

Gadget Controller Tips

  • When more than one controller is in the group, only controller with the highest vitalization must activate the Restore Power buff to avoid its override.
  • Keeping your group powered is your main task so for Gadgets controllers using Defibrillator is crucial to be used.
  • Remember putting defense and damage debuffs to adds and bosses in PVE.
  • In PVP, as a controller role you have special advantage on healers so find them, use your healer debuff called Napalm Grenade on them, and focus your attacks on them
  • Distract can be very helpful in raids when you need to pick up your knockdown groupmates
  • Choose between Distract or Napalm Grenade depending the situation

Tactical MODS (Lair System Required)

  • Weapon: Replenishing Adapter
  • Neck: Escalating Replenish
  • Back: Breakout Regeneration
  • Feet: Deadly Block
  • Chest: Reserve Tank
  • Hands: Max Damage

Equipmend MODS

  • Red Socket
    • Vitalization & Might
  • Yellow Socket
    • Vitalization
  • Blue Socket
    • Vitalization & Dominance (improve control effects)
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133 thoughts on “Gadgets Controller Guide

  1. John P

    1. Taser Pull
    2. Sticky Bomb
    3. Holographic Decoy
    4. Defibrilator
    5. Stealth
    6 Battle Drone
    Weapon: Hand Blaster (Weapon Mastery w/ Bow)

    1) Use the Hold Triange, Hold Triangle, Hold Triangle weapon mastery combo with 1, 2, or 4. Works brilliantly everytime.
    2) Go into stealth and place mines as much as you can. They seem to give team power.

    Get the most out of the troll:
    1. Call for drone.
    2. Put out Hologram Decoy
    3. Use Stealth
    4. Place a few mines
    5. Use defibrillator to get out of stealth mode
    6. Use weapon mastery combos

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Levy, all powers has its own mechanics which is why some powers have different superpowers than others. Gadgets has invisibility while other controller powers dont.

  2. Secret agent man

    1. Sticky Bomb
    2. Defibrillator
    3. Stasis Field
    4. Paralyzing Dart
    5. Distract
    6. Battle Drone

    Thoughts? I’m new. This is what I was going to try. Is distract that necessary? For the additional debuff I was thinking Cryo-foam instead of Distract.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello SecretAgentMan, thanks for your question. I think your loadout can do great as controller because it has most of the important debuffs. Distract is recommended for situations that needs you to keep reviving people and reduce all agroo

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Peter, all weapons can be good once you learn how to use it. Bow is not one of the most used weapons but if you like it you should give it a chance

  3. Tone

    I have 87 skill points (And climbing), and trying to figure out if I’m utilizing them to the utmost. What type of vitalization and dominance stats should I have? I’m at like 6300 vitalization (which seems low) and 4400 dominance (which seems high). I’ve followed your weapon mastery for martial arts and dual pistol and have picked certain abilities from brawling and hand blaster to get the Vitalization up, but just not sure I’m doing it right. Thoughts on distributing these 87 or so points?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Tone, thanks for your question. It is not only about distributing your skill points, it is more about getting more skill points than your combat rating which will help you increase your vitalization needed for Controller Debuffs and Buffs. The best way to get vitalization is by unlocking Weapon mastery bonus statistics at the bottom of the tree.

  4. SuperTonyZero

    So, I have a dual pistol character, will this skill tree work? If not is there any other skill trees that could possibly help me get stronger?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello SuperTonyZero, builds and loadous can be used with any weapon. In fact, dual pistol is great for you to regenerate power by increasing hit counter fast.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello rcane, Battledrone has a different interation than your POT. So you can use POT with no problem. The only superpower that overrides a POT is yours POT superpower or another allies POT with stronger vitalization. You can use Battle drone and Suppresor Turret too with no problem. Battle drone is a pet that has a short duration so it shouldnt disable your Suppressor Turret

  5. Airyque

    Hi! I had a question concerning PvE gadgets controller layout. Currently, I’m a lvl 20 Gadgets troll and instead of Distract, I’ve been using Holographic Decoy. I’ve been having a lot more luck with it. Its AoE stun has been very helpful for “Oh shit” situations, the constant decoy distraction has helped me either get away, res party members, or regroup the attack, and the final explosion it has at the end of the timer or when the mobs kill it has also been a huge help as well. I’ve actually saved a few situations for the entire party in the 4 mans I’ve run, and I think the DPS like it because if you let the mobs run to it, it groups them all up for some easy AoE damage. Is this a viable strategy for end game PvE? Does Distract become more viable late game? I tend to die a lot using Distract. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Airyque, thanks for your question. Reaching level 30 is the first task to do when you play DCUO, it is like finishing the tutorial. You are doing great, changing loadout depending the situation is what you should do to improve damage or survivability. At end game, situations are faster than you face below level 30 because bosses have one shot attack that can kill allies in a second.

      Holographic Decoy and Distract has the same utility which is changing your enemies focus away from you. So if you feel more confortable with Decoy then use it 🙂

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      I would prefer mental over gadgets because it deals greater damage and have nice crowd control effects

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Lezter, battle drone doesnt deal great damage because it is a controller supercharge that provides power to your group

  6. Lodious

    Let rip this up quick, paralyzing dart is the best stun a gadget troll has. No reason to use vortex cannon in troll roll. stasis field will block most of the might based dps’s damage, guass grenade is better and feeds into power interactions for the dps’s. napalm grenade is a knock back, all the dps’s in this game lose damage if you knock an add back out of their range, you’d be better off with cryo-foam freezing them in place, also battle drone is garbage, you’d don’t hit a troll supercharge to give power back some day, word of power is still king

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thank you so much Lodious for sharing your experience with the guide 🙂 And yes i made a mistake vortex cannon is not necessary because you are controller 🙂 i thought it was gadgets DPS

  7. ragu

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a diffrent gadget that could used instead of vortex canon. Please DO NOT tell me that we suggest using vortex cannon. I really want to know.

    P.S I use your guides a lot and really love it. Great job guys.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Ragu, thanks for your comment and support 🙂
      Vortex Cannon is a damage debuff and the other damage debuff available for gadgets is Paralyzing Dart. You can use it instead of Vortex Cannon but you will need to spend some additional power points to get there

  8. Quintin

    Now this may be a stupid question but does this loadout provide power to yourself or just group members?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Quintin, as a controller you have superpowers that allows you to give power to all group (Sticky Bomb) and give power to just 3 most fatigated but not you (Defibrillator)

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      We are currently working on GU50. We will update guides affected by GU50. However, i think Gadgets Controller Guide is still recommended

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Salamon, GU49 didnt change builds or loadouts of Gadgets. That is why these guides are still useful and havent changed 🙂

  9. Kunai

    I don’t do any damage with my weapon (Martial Artas with HB weapon mastery) in update 49!!! Why? What happened?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      This changed with combat in GU49:
      *Basic Melee Attacks
      ** Basic tap melee attacks now hit up to eight targets and begin splitting damage after two, instead of hitting only three targets with additional targets taking just 20% damage

      Maybe this particular update make your weapon get bugged. Probably DCUO will fix it soon.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Paul, can you please tell us what phone are you using. Our website is improved to work on PC, Tablets and Phones with Android. We have detected that IOS has the problem you mentioned but we are still working of how to fix that issue 🙁

  10. MidnightMystery6567

    I have a question, why does going stealth remove your control abilities like if I put paralyzing dart in stealth while in control role why does it not do the debuff?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Midnight, we didnt know about this issue. Maybe this is a bug or it was intended by DCUO Devs to disable control debuffs while stealthing.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Matt, Gadgets does not have a proper superpower that can be categorized as a shield. It has Neural Neutralizer which is a protective barrier but is only for the player

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Nighthawk23, Battle drone is considered a better supercharge because it deploys the battle drone that helps you in battle and also restore power to your allies

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Montana, Battle drone is considered a better supercharge because it deploys the battle drone that helps you in battle and also restore power to your allies

  11. NerdGeist

    Hello again, my fellow DCUObloguide guru! I was wondering if a hybrid dmg/controll gadgeteer is viable, pvp-wise. The troll part I mean debuffing/disabling, rather than power recovery. Also, is the gadget turret (not the SC one) any good?
    Again, thanks in advance. And again, you’re great!

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello NerdGeist, for pvp it can be a little hybrid but it is still not recommended because using debuff will cost you power and your weapon attacks wont be able to recover enough power to continue using your superpowers. Also debuff and DOT are reduced when used on players so the effect wont last long and you will be out of power fast.

      Turret can be helpful for CROWD CONTROL your enemies but it deals very low damage

  12. Paul

    I really feel that Paralyzing Dart is the way to go with it’s awesome AOE stun so I use that instead of Vortex Cannon (both damage out debuff). Also, I replaced Gauss Grenade for Stasis Field (both defense debuff) since Stasis has a minimal chance of stunning (but when it does the ads can go all over the place in those darn balls which I don’t think is very helpful).

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      That is a great variant Paul, thanks for sharing your thoughts with the guide im sure this will be valuable for other gadgets controller 🙂

    2. Shion

      That looks like a build I can get behind; I like the superior cc.. we ARE controllers after all right? One question though, which do you then take for the heal debuff? Napalm grenade or cryofoam? Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  13. ray

    Im a fairly new player and I’m used to wow type of mmos so I’m not sure how healing and controlling work exactly. In pve similar to raids since you can’t click on individual people how do i restore their power or heal them and some superpowers have attacks integrated into the suoerpowers that do damage so do i just do it and it’ll automatically find its way to the person who needs it? Or how does it work exactly? Another question do i just do them like normal attacks and the added bonus is restoring power?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Ray, as a controller you help your allies by using your buffs and debuffs which are: power over time buff (Sticky Bomb), instant power buff (Defibrillator), damage debuff (Vortex Cannon), defense debuff (Stasis Field), healing debuff (Napalm Grenade).

      Here in DCUO, you just need to click Sticky Bomb (all group members) or Defibrillator (3 allies) and they will restore power to your groupmates. Vortex Cannon, Stasis Field, and Napalm Grenade will apply their debuff on your target. You must configure your target selection and target lock buttons from Settings i personally change target with “TAB”, lock them with “C”, and unlock target with “X”.

      I hope this answer your questions, if you have more we will happy to help you 🙂

  14. Leicam

    Hello, i use think ur guides are very helpfull to get me to know better the power and the work i need to do, however i would love if ur guides sais wich weapon and movemment u might find better. So my question is, if it was up to you would u rather acrobatics/dual pistol or acrobatics/bow?

    Sorry for the grammar errors, and thanks for the help

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Leicam, thanks for support and we want you to know that we had the same idea months ago. However, choosing a weapon and movement are completely player’s choice. In my personal opinion, having Flight is the best movement you can have and fast weapons such as One Handed or Dual Wield are great for DPS in all situations.

      Dual pistol and Bow are great for range situations but you will need to be careful of interruptions when you face Melee situations.

      Acrobatic is like mixing Flight and Superspeed. However, as superspeed you will be stopped if you hit a wall and the only way you can autopilot that movement is to be high enough so no building can stop your moving

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Napalm grenade is better for because it also removes power over times effect. You should choose between Distract or Napalm Grenade depending the situation. For PVE, Distract can be very helpful for picking up your teammates while Napalm Grenade in PVP is the power you must always use

  15. Moonshade

    Hello I have a character that is both a gagdet dps and controller and I would like to know what’s the best weapon for both of these?

    Thx much appreciated!

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Moonshade, One Handed and Dual wield are my favorite weapons because they are fast and deals great damage to enemies.

  16. ZoOneX

    I like your guides, i using your sorcery DPS loadout and my dps is always on the top, on raids and alerts.
    Now i want to play controller. I use HB with this loadout, and i just wondering do i need WM for controller or i just can put sp in other weapons on vitalization and power?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Zoonex, controllers need weapons that increases their hit counter fast so they can restore power to themselves by doing weapon attacks. Hand Blaster: Solar Flame is great for that task. You could also use your weapon mastery combos to decrease your superpower costs

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Chrex, it is hard to say how many vit is necesary when you are not near the latest Tiers 🙁 However, if you are just reaching level 70 then your vitalization is probably lower than it should be. Dont worry anyways, in alerts and raids, you have a highly chance to find high cr people which will carry you with no problem 🙂

    1. Yorma

      If you have skill points to spare I would strongly recommend weapon mastery. Choose Brawling > Martial Arts and as a WM combo shuriken strom mastery. Does nice damage for a troll but most of all your hit counter increases really really fast.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Accu, Battle Drone is considered the best supercharge power for Gadgets Controller. Using Word of Power is great but because it heals your allies probably restore less power to them also.

  17. Avatar of Khonshu

    Working on my Controller role equipment, and as a Gadgets user I could really use some help finding plans for Dominance and Vitalization Beta. Until then, all I have for my blue equipment mod sockets are plain Dominance Beta. Anyone have some leads?

  18. Tom

    Hey guys, nice guide here!. I have a doubt, what would you recommend me to use for 1 vs 1 PvP, beside of vita mods: might mods or dominance mod?, does the dominance really worth having rather than might?, I mean, many times my stuns, binds, knock downs and other control effct wotrk, but many tmes.they just don’t happen!. I’d like them to happen every time, or almost every time I use them, otherwise maybe I should forget it and get more eng instead of dominance.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Tom, in pvp it is really cool to have your precision and health boosted. Health will give you more survivality, precision will make your weapon attacks stronger which is the most important thing in PVP. Dominance and Might can be great in 4vs4, 5vs5, and 8vs8 where you can hide and hit your targets without interruptions 🙂

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Staff: Mortar Mastery, One Handed: Pulse Beam Mastery, Martial Arts: Meteor Blast Mastery can be good weapons for controller because those weapon mastery combos increase your hit counter fast

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Swagolicious, the best weapons for controllers are the ones which increase your hit counter fast so you will recover power faster. Staff: Mortar Mastery is great for it also Martial Arts: Meteor Blast Mastery

  19. omigi

    Merci pour ce super guide, meilleur référence Gadget que j’ai pus lire.
    tout est dis, conseils constructif rien à redire excellent travail un grand BRAVO!

    bonne continuation et bon jeu à vous

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire, nous sommes heureux de savoir que nous avons été utiles pour vous

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      For a controller, hand blaster can be a great weapon. However, for dps it is more recommended to use fast weapons that hits good at melee and range, such as: One Handed, Dual Wield, Staff, Brawling

  20. Trit

    Hello, as someone who is just starting out the game and playing without friends or a team. Would you say I should follow the DPS guide or the controller? I ask because it seems the controller guide is more for team fighting or would it work just as good playing solo? Which one offers good versatility for pvp and pve? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Trit, you are right it is recommended to raise your combat rating in DPS role because it will allow you to be more independent. Once you reach the higher CR then you could buy an additional armory to save your “Controller role” then you can change between DPS and Controller with pressing 1 button.

      Controllers restores powers and gives you helpful debbufs that you can apply your enemies. However, i believe killing fast in PVP as a DPS is the best way to go (unless you are a healer).

  21. Raurus

    Hello guys, nice job here. I’ve got a question: Is this the best build also for PvP 1 vs 1?, or maybe you have another guide focused on PvP?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Raurus, as a controller this build provide all controller buffs which will help your team to deal more damage and be powered over time. However, for 1vs1 using your weapon attacks, blocking, interrupt, debuffing, and POTing will make you win. It is a little difficult to make a build or loadout just for PVP because in DCUO, PVP instances are so volatile

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Mryolotrolo, for this loadout is recommendable to increase your hit counter fast that you use:
      * Staff: Mortar Mastery
      * Brawling: Enhanced Shuriken Mastery

      But you can also use:
      * One Handed: Solar Flame
      * Dual Wield: Flurry Shot Mastery

  22. Nate

    I’m using this loadout.
    Sticky Bomb – Power over time
    Defibrilator – Instant power restore
    Gauss Grenade – Defense debuff and crowd control
    Sleep Dart – Damage debuff and I use this over Vortex Cannon because of the range.
    Distract – I use this maily to revive my group members and get rid of agro.
    Battle Drone – This is the BEST controller supercharge. Far superior to Mental/HL/Quantum ones.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thhanks Nate for sharing your loadout, we are so happy to have your help 🙂

  23. ShadowGOJU

    Fault of Gadget Troller with excessively high Dom = Peeved Tank.
    I actually favor the TP/SF/Defib/Holo/Distract/RSK for a loadout. With over 3300 Vit and skilled out for all the PHC that comes with Vit, Pow and some of the Dom- provided it gets me to more Vit.

    Was never any good with games that required Combos so I don’t even bother trying. Use DP for very fast Ranged and no WM, again can’t pull off combos to save my life. Even if I could, using the DP the only WM it goes with are DW and HB… HB!? Seriously!? Personally I think MA would have made more sense with Shuriken than HB! AND, if you swapped the HB from the DP WM for the MA on the Brawl WM, it makes both make more sense, IMO.
    With DLC 11 now out, The Generator is loaded with Power 6.2 and Vit 6.2 mods with Pre 6.2 filling out the Attack row. Mostly mod with straight Vit except where needed Blue or Red then Vit Dom and Vit Pre, for the DP DPS. My play-style makes this a fairly survivable build, with the Holo/Distract power Clip.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Shadow for your comment, this will be very helpful for Gadgets controller 🙂

  24. tytondae

    I really like your guides, and excellent work on the website! I notice you’ve taken Stasis Field over Gauss Grenade, and I was just curious as to why? In my experience, the Stasis Field tends to roll enemies away from the tank, and Gauss Grenade just drops them to the floor. Actually, do you have any tips for Stasis Field in regard to what I’ve mentioned?

    Thanks for your time and advice!

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Tytondae for your words, they encourage us to continue with our work 🙂
      We choose Stasis Field over Gauss grenade for a Crowd control tactics. However, Gauss grenade is an excellent choice and you can use it instead but you will need to use more power points to unlock it.

  25. NoHeals4you

    I have been told that debuff are “useless” in TD and just to keep up the POT and spam the recharge with wm combos. and that makes me mad bc i like debuffs and its adds more things that you have to be aware of as a troller. Thoughts?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      I am agree with you NoHeals4you, debuffs can be very helpful for most of Instance. However, controller loadouts can be very changed depending on the situation. For example, in Prime Battleground, it is fully recommended to have Healing Debuff for final boss but in TD you can use Damage and Defense debuff instead of Healing Debuff.

  26. grimeydogg383

    Ok I’ve been a gadget troll for some time now but I recently got back into the game after a year long break, I’m just wondering if my loadout and specs are still relevant after so many updates and dlc releases. My current loadout is sticky bomb/gauss/napalm/distract/defibrillator/WoP but depending on the situation I’ll swap napalm with battle drone and double , my power output options. I also have 118sp any thoughts on where I should spend them?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Grimeydogg383, your current loadout is really good and will work for controller job. About your skill points you should spend them in unlocking Weapon Mastery to boost your vitalization and to use weapon mastery combos which will reduce your super-power costs

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Of course Ninturu, you must spend your skill points in movement tree to improve your power regeneration

  27. Yuka

    Hi, I’m new to dcuo, i don’t understand why you take Neural Neutralizer if you don’t use it in your loadout, is there any benefits in passive ? ( Sorry for noob question)

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Yuka, thanks for your comment, we are here to help you. Neural Neutralizer is unlocked for PVP usage. This super-power activates a protective barrier that affects nearby enemies’ synaptic systems, stunning and damaging them at point-blank range

  28. Danny

    I’m a gadgets controller with dual pistol as weapon i have a 81 skill points and want to effectively use them since weapon mastery came out. i know that the first things that you spend is on acrobatics but then i get confuse on whether what part of should i buy later

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Danny thanks for your comment. Once you spend your skill points on acrobatics you should unlock your main weapon and cross weapon mastery, it means unlocking Dual Pistol, Dual Wield, and Hand Blaster mastery.

      Once you have these mastery unlocked, then you should unlock the recommended weapon mastery combos in Dual Pistol tree: Dual Flurry Mastery, Ultra Flurry Mastery, and Solar Flame Mastery.

      After that, unlock weapon mastery statistics skills, in your case for controller you should unlock “Boost Power by +25 per point and Vitalization by +8 per point” inside the Dual Pistol, Dual Wield, and Hand Blaster tree

      Finally, start unlocking other weapon masteries that grant you Vitalization for example: Martial Arts, One handed.

      Hope this answer help you 🙂

  29. Trey

    I don’t know if im doing this right, i followed this awesome load-out just don’t know should i change to hand blaster? cause right now im martial arts i don’t know if it makes a difference

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Trey thanks for your comment. For Controllers is recommended that you use Range weapon that help you increase your hit counter fast. However, it is optional, you can still use martial arts

  30. YackFury

    I’ve been using CryoFoam instead of Napalam Greanade, is there a particular benefit or are can they be exchanged?

    Somtiemes i also feel safer running with Energy Shield always on instead of a Damage Debuff; neural neutralizer is excelent for CC but i also ponder the dropping aggro feature of Distract,

    In fact, although i like the versatility of Gadgets, i usually do a few tries at the beginning of the raids to include-exclude certain powers, like putting the Turret for PI and then switching to a SC when a boss begins,
    Does this make sense as a question?

    I would have available: SB, Defibrilator, GG, Cfoam, Turret, BDrone or WoP, PhotonBlast, Decoy, Distract and EShield and 2 iconics.

    Keeping alwasy the first Three, 1 Shield switching Cfoam/PhotonBlast/FG and also Decoy/Turret/SC;

    I know SC benefits more the team but i also feel safer with Decoy/Distract, specially because i mainly PUG
    Would it be more reasonable another approach?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello JackFury, you can exchange CryoFoam instead of Napalm Grenade with no problem, i prefer Napalm Grenade because it Inflicts Burning on enemies to cause damage over time. Tecnically, it is a really good idea to costumize loadouts depending on the situation. With our guides, we try to show players the most recommended powers for their role. However, with their experience, they can change it and and try it from different angles as you do 🙂

  31. Jaded Destroyer

    Nice choices. this is the way I have been doing my troller. Was looking up a guide to see if i was doing it well. Battle Drone is awesome. so much power regen and the burst when it breaks is a lot.

  32. Jared Kreamer

    Is there any particular reason that you don’t recommend the bow weapon for range or is it just a personal opinion?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hi Jaren, we try to recommend the fastest weapon in-game to increase your hit counter for restoring power faster. Comparing Bow with Rifle and Hand Blasters, Bow don’t have any combo that increase hit counter than Rifle or Hand Blaster do.

      However, feel free to choose the weapon you like to enjoy your game more 🙂

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      It is a very helpful shield that stuns and damages nearby enemies. It also deal additional damage to Dazed enemies. Some people say it is very useful in PVP

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hello Daunte Benjamin, you should use your skill points in the next order:
      1- Unlock your main weapon combos
      2- Then unlock your Resistant skills and Breakout Mastery in your Movement Tree
      2- Then unlock statistics by priority indicated above. For controllers, Vitalization is the most important.

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Tim, thanks for your comment and your kind words 🙂

      Word of Power, Speed Drain, and Battle Drone restore power over time to your group members. However, Word of Power heals your group members, Speed Drain deals damage over time, and Battle Drone is the only one that deals damage and restores instant power when it is knocked.

      That is why i will recommend you Battle Drone for over the others 🙂

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hello DazingKirby, thanks for your comment and dont worry i got the idea 🙂
      Using Suppressor Turret insted of Battle Drone in Gadget Controller Build will let you with no supportive Supercharge Power.

      As a controller gadget, you need a supercharge power that helps you restore power while you are low power to do so. The Battle Drone revitalizes your group, restoring power over time and when it is knocked out, instantly revitalize you and nearby group members, restoring Power.

    2. RavenBee

      U can summon them both, battle drone only last for a couple of seconds so it wont overwrite the turret… plus u dont have to place the turret in ur loadout, just summon it then remove it from ur loadout and replace it with more important powers.

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Tilimicus

      For moding your Gadget controller you must focus on Vitalization, Dominance, and Power Stats. Vitalization increases power-restoration effects. Dominance makes your effects, like damage and defense reduction, work on enemies. Power stat is required to use powers in your loadout

  33. American Ninja


    Great guide! I was wondering if the Battle Drone is worth the skill points. I’ve read other guides people say the drones arent worth the skill points. I’m debating weather or not I should add it to my loadout. What is your opinion? Thanks!

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Battle Drone is a really helpful Supercharge power when you are on Controller Role. As DPS role, you must use all your power points to unlock powerfull powers and having those powers on your loadouts. For DPS Supercharge we recommend Bunker Buster instead of Battle Drone.

      Hope to answer your question and help on your debate.

  34. American Ninja


    These guides are very helpful! I have a question, I’ve read other gadget controller guides and they all basically say the drones are useless for the gadget controller. I looked at the stats for the drones and it looks like they could help out. I’m debating if I should spend the points on them or not.

    Thanks for your time!

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Thanks for your comment. In Controller role, you need to have in your loadout: power over time (Sticky Bomb), restore power (Defibrillator), defense debuff (Gauss Grenade), damage debuff (Vortex Cannon), healing debuff (Napalm Grenade), and the best Supercharge Controller Power (Battle Drone). In this case, Battle Drone is useful to provide power to your group, so when you are low on power you can activate Battle Drone to help your role job.

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