Gadgets DPS Guide

Gadgets players employ a variety of wacky, devious and deadly contraptions to baffle their foes. This power is available for all players for FREE during Character Creation

Gadgets DPS guide updated to GU49

Statistics Priority

  • Might: Might increases damage from super powers (yellow damage).
  • Precision: Precision adds damage to all weapon attacks (white damage).
  • Critical Weapon Attack Chance: The chance to perform a critical attack with a weapon
  • Critical Weapon Attack Damage: Increases the damage a critical attack with a weapon does
  • Critical Ability Attack Chance: Increases the chance to perform a critical attack with an ability.
  • Critical Ability Attack Damage: Increases the damage a critical attack with an ability does.

Power Points Build

Gadgets DPS Loadout


  1. Gauss Grenade: Toss a charged grenade that zaps enemies with a high-intensity electrical burst, damaging and stunning them. Electrifies enemies, making them vulnerable to Electrified Power Interactions. Frostbitten enemies take additional damage. While Battle Awareness is active, enemies restore Power to you when hit by this ability. Increases all damage by 45 [Usable While Controlled]
  2. Fear Gas: Sprays a cone of fear gast to panic enemies and cause damage over time. Inflicts Burning on Electrified enemies; Burning or Electrified enemies will explode, while Frostbitten enemies may become encased. While Battle Awareness is active, enemies restore Power to you when hit by this ability. Increases all damage by 35%. [Vulnerable to Interrupt]
  3. Cryo-foam: Blast subzero foam at your enemies, causing damage over time and rooting them in place.  Inflicts Burning on Electrified enemies. Inflicts Frostbite to make enemies vulnerable to freezing effects, while Frostbitten enemies may be rooted or encased. Burning or Electrified enemies will explodeWhile Battle Awareness is active, enemies restore Power to you when hit by this ability. Increases all damage by 45%.
  4. EMP Pulse: Activate an electromagnetic pulse bomb, stunning and damaging nearby enemies. Electrified enemies take additional damage. Enemies take heavy damage when EMP Pulse is used immediately after unstealthing, using Distract, or applying three different power interactions from the following super powers: Cryo-field, Cryo-foam, Fear Gas, Gauss Grenade, Napalm Grenade, Stasis Field, Sticky Bomb, Taser Pull, or Vortex Cannon. While Battle Awareness is active, enemies restore Power to you when hit by this ability. Increases all damage by 50%. [Vulnerable to Interrupt] [Weapon Mastery Crit Excluded]
  5. Distract: Smash a smoke capsule that prevents incoming damage and protects against control effects for a short time. Enemies are detaunted and compelled to seek other targets. While Battle Awareness is active, enemies restore Power to you when hit by this ability. Increases all damage by 35%. [Usable While Controlled]
  6. Battle Display: Survey the battlefield for enemy weak points through a heads up display, and heal yourself over time.  Activating the display grants you Battle Awareness. Increase all damage by 40%. [Usable While Controlled] [Vulnerable to Interrupt]

Gadgets DPS Rotation

    • “Battle Display [6]” (activates Battle Awareness Interaction)
    • “Gauss Grenade [1]” (Electrifies enemies. Frostbitten enemies take additional damage. Restore Power while Battle Awareness is active)
    • “Fear Gas [2]” (Inflicts Burning on Electrified enemies; Burning or Electrified enemies will explode. Frostbitten enemies may become encased. Restore Power while Battle Awareness is active) followed by Jump Cancellation (avoid Fear Gas animation)
    • “Cryo-foam [3]” (Inflicts Burning on Electrified enemies. Inflicts Frostbite to enemies.  Frostbitten enemies may be rooted or encased. Burning or Electrified enemies will explode. Restore Power while Battle Awareness is active)
    • “EMP Pulse [4]” (Electrified enemies take additional damage. Deals heavy damage after using together “Gauss Grenade [1]”, “Fear Gas [2]”, and “Cryo-foam [3]”Restore Power while Battle Awareness is active)
    • “Distract [5]”“EMP Pulse [4]”
    • “Gauss Grenade [1]”“Fear Gas [2]”“Cryo-Foam [3]”“EMP Pulse [4]”
    • Using Stealth instead of Battle Display
      • Stealth – Battle Display – Gauss Grenade “EMP Pulse [4]”
      • Stealth – Bunker Buster – “EMP Pulse [4]”
    • While “Battle Display [1]” animation is active, repeat Main Rotation without it.
    • Every time “Distract [5]” is active, use “Distract [5]”“EMP Pulse [4]”
    • Read Gadgets DPS Tips for more information about replacing Stealth with Battle Display

Gadgets DPS Tips

  • Using Weapon mastery combos is optional for this loadout and rotation
  • For DPS, “Max Damage” Tactical MOD is required for all superpowers to increase all damage by 60%.
  • Having Stealth in your loadout will let you access Bunker Buster and Batlle Display [6]. This is recommended for Alerts and Raids where you have a controller
    • Stealth Loadout: Bunker Buster [S1] – Battle Display [S2] – Gauss Grenade [S3]
  • Battle Display [6] is required to recover power with your super-powers by Battle Awareness  power interaction. You can replace it with Stealth if you want to access Bunker Buster (supercharge power) but you will only be able to activate Battle Display in Stealth mode
  • Battle Display [6] effects only last a couple of seconds but it can last longer if you continue using super-powers that has Battle Awareness interaction
  • EMP Pulse [4] is gadgets mainly burst damage but to be it, it needs to be use immediately after unstealthing, using Distract [5], or applying Gauss Grenade [1], Fear Gas [2], and Cryo-Foam [3] (in this order)
  • To succesfully use EMP Pulse [4] after unstealthing we recommend you to use:
    • Battle Display [S2] (this doesnt unstealth you)Gauss Grenade [S3] (now you will be unstealth) > EMP Pulse [4]
    • Bunker Buster [S1]  (now you will be unstealth) > EMP Pulse [4]
  • You also burst with EMP Pulse [4] immediately after Distract [5] but you need to wait for previous EMP Pulse to finish its animation.
  • EMP Pulse [4] only affects nearby enemies so you will need to master the range needed to deal great damage but keeping you alive also.
  • Hitting a target as part of the advanced mechanic with EMP Pulse [4] will grant supercharge regen for 4 seconds
  • When using Might Based advanced mechanics players will gain an additional 5% chance to crit and 25% crit damage for all super powers

Tactical MODS (Lair System Required)

  • Weapon: Blast Adapter
  • Neck: Escalating might
  • Back: Breakout Regeneration
  • Feet: Deadly Block
  • Chest: Core Strenght
  • Hands: Max Damage

Equipmend MODS

  • Red Socket
    • Might
  • Yellow Socket
    • Might & Power
  • Blue Socket
    • Might & Health (improve survival)
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305 thoughts on “Gadgets DPS Guide

  1. Marik Ishtar

    Honestly paralyzing dart is quite effective too. My load outs are guast granade, napalm granade, vortex cannon(for boostinh paralizing darts damage), paralyzing dart,distract and battle display, i am still a bit of a nocice in dc but I find this quite effective. Plus it make feel like trowing almost all bombs on my enemies haha so mind if I ask if this is effective?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Marik, paralyzind dart for being a range superpower will always deal lesser damage than EMP Pulse. For DPS, dealing the greatest damage in a minimun amount of time is what makes you great. You can use your loadout as you indicates but it wont deal the same damage as EMP Pulse Loadout

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Demetri, thanks for your comment. It is not recommended that you try to be both role in DCUO because for DPS you need Advanced Mechanics to deal great damage while Controllers use other superpowers for buff and debuff. You should keep using Gadgets in DPS role until you reach high CR

  2. CTCFirebird

    I kinda don’t like Cryofoam and Distract. What can I replace those with in order to do lots of damage?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello CTCFirebird thanks for your comment. This loadout is meant to deal the highest DPS. You can replace Cryofoam with another power that also works with the Advanced Mechanics such as Sticky Bomb or Stasis Field. However, it is not recommended to take off Distract from your loadout because it gives you an instant Advanced Mechanics hit with EMP Pulse.

      You must understand Gadgets Advanced Mechanics in order to inflict heavy damage:

      Enemies take heavy damage when EMP Pulse is used immediately after unstealthing, using Distract, or applying three different power interactions from the following super powers:
      Cryo-field, Cryo-foam, Fear Gas, Gauss Grenade, Napalm Grenade, Stasis Field, Sticky Bomb, Taser Pull, or Vortex Cannon

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jevaghn, A player must have at least 90 skill points for their characters role to work to its full potential and unlock main weapon and cross-weapons mastery. However, getting more Skill points will let them get additional Weapon Masteries points and make characters stronger.

  3. Misconception

    When I duel someone and I use distract -> EMP, I immediately use up all of my power ( I have battle display on). This never used to happen before. Have they done something to it, and what strategy should I now change to when duelling?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      With recent GU, DCUO is disabling AM power regeneration for PVP matches so players should focus more on blocking, interrupting, and weapon attacks letting powers to be used only as finishers or damage increasement

  4. guest

    hi, i’ve basically followed this build all the way to cr50 so far and i loved it. loved being the correct word, it also being past tense unfortunately. from the levels of 1-29 i was easily able to keep my power sustained while using the abilities suggested to use that combo until my enemies were dead. now it seems i can hardly make it through one of these combos without draining my power completely, leaving me utterly useless unless i get in close and melee. is there any way to keep my power up so that i can continue to use the combo over and over again? i’ve tried replacing distract with battle drone with the hopes that it would give me enough power back but unfortunately that’s just not the case.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Guest, you are experiencing low power because of your low combat rating. Once you get stronger equipment, more skill points this wont be an issue

  5. Gadget Master

    This needs to be updated my loadout is 1.Napalm Grenade 2.Gauss Grenade 3.Vortex Cannon 4.Emp Pulse 5.Distract/Intimidation 6.Battle Awareness. Not saying this is the best loadout but after doing some testing this loadout proves to be more effective. Im not sure whether to use Intimidation or distract for Emp Pulse

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Gadget thanks for your question. Distract allows you to have an additional instant boost for EMP Pulse which is why you need to have it. Some players use stealth to have 3 boost options and more superpowers distributed between normal loadout and stealth loadout, this method is the hardest way to use Gadgets and increase its damage heavily. You can read more about stealth method in Gadgets DPS Tips

  6. JZONE

    Is there possibly a new loadout? It says game update 49 and that seems pretty outdated. I see lots of people using different loadouts. Is there a new loadout you guys came out with that can possibly be better? If so may you share it with us? Thank you

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jzone, thanks for your comment. We are currently working on some updates for our website. Our guides will be update as soon as we can and only if needed. However, you can check comments and you will see this build and loadout haven’t been rejected by the community which is a how we know when the loadout is not working right.

      You must know there hasn’t been major changes on Gadgets since GU49 which is why these hasn’t been updated. We always post new changes and updates in our Fanpage so you should become our Fan 🙂

  7. MaxThePlayer


    I’ve played this game a lot, but it was a long time ago, i got to lvl 20 but i never cared too muvh about this role things, i was really noob. Now I’ve started playing again, can you explain me how this role works and what its used for? And for a noob, what power do you reccomend? And another thing, i dont know what is a weapon mastery, could you tell me that too please?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello MaxThePlayer, thanks for your question. The first thing you need to know about DCUO is that reaching level 30 is like finishing the tutorial and it is recommended to do it in DPS role because it will be faster to kill enemies than using your alternate role.

      Each power has its own Advanced Mechanics to heavily increase its damage. For beginners, i recommend using Ice which is the power with the easiest Advanced Mechanics so you can learn easily about it.

      You should worry about weapon mastery after having at least 50 skill points which at level 30 is not even close to that. Choosing your role is important but at low level or low combat rating it wont be of any help because after reaching level 30 you must raise your combat rating which is the real level at DCUO

      Hope this answer all your questions, we will be glad to hear from you anytime you want

  8. Nick

    Hi, I am a longtime gadgets player and I would like to share some info on what ive found about the power;
    In no way am I an expert on the game or (all) powers but gadgets is one that ive actually committed and tested and from a couple of recent test with the various powers and this is what I found as the diffrence between emp and paralyzing dart is about 10k more damage from emp when compared at closest distance and emp having a slightly longer animation time (without clipping) so out of strictly possible dmg emp is better up close. However when you start increasing the distance you can find that past emps max distance para dart can hit for approximately 90% of its max damage and here are an example of my data:
    My toon, 153 cr 10k+ might 120+ skill points
    Emp close dmg low: 50k high: 100k+ max distance dmg low: 25k high: 60k
    Dart close low : 40k high 90k emp max dis low 25k high 75k max dis L 20k high 40

    Now as to explain the difference in distance: while the emp can only be detonated and hit roughly 10 paces from target the paralyzing dart can hit even a target at max distance (where lock on targeting is grey). Now in an alert the emp may prove better but in raids where some damage is aoe and the farther from the boss the better off you are.

    Now as for loadouts, originally i wass using a max range loadout of sticky, tazer, napalm, dart, stealth and turret with stealth holding bunker, battle display, turret and dart (switch stealth with battle for going through adds) as turret was for a little extra dmg however im using this for pvp now i replaced stealth para dart with sticky so it breaks stealth and gets you 1 pi in for am
    My new loadout is a 3pi 3am loadout with 1)sticky, 2)guasse, 3)napalm, 4dart, 5)stealth and 6)distract , stealth holding 1s)battle 2s)bunke 3s) dart for pve with the rotation like this 5 1s, (2s, 4 or 3s,) 6, 4, 1234 1234 1234 1234, 5, (2s, 4 or 3s), 6, 4
    This allows starting of withh 2 AMs in a row then 3pi 1AM four times untill a cool downs reset to finish the 3pi AM into a stealth AM ( with a bunker buster chaser) then a distract AM with enough time to pop trinkets/colas or breakout inbetween powers and still AM (only once in between the pi powers twice is risky) for going through adds replace stealth with battle until boss

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thank you so much Nick for sharing this amazing combos and explain more about Gadgets DPS to the community 🙂 Im sure this will be very helpful for all players that are starting to use this power

  9. Ace


    I just started using this power what’s the best weapon to use with it I have Brawler right now Should I change it?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Ace, all weapons are great once you learn how to use them. Brawling is a great weapon specially for PVP. You could try One Handed which is the weapon that we most recommend to players 🙂



    I just want to ask if you have any videos of your guides being used, either by yourself or any players? And if not, do you know of any good videos to check out to see Gadgets DPS at it’s current best? Also, do you have any PVP guides, or can you point me in the right direction to find any? In addition, I have been told by multiple friends that all might based powers should use Tactical Mod Core Strength, and Precision based powers use Tactical Mod Pen Strikes? Can you clear this up please, and explain the difference? And finally, I am getting EMP to crit near 180,000 Max in current Endgame content, however each time it hits, when rotations are done perfectly, it doesn’t crit every time, how can the rotation be done in order to time EMP to hit with a crit? I am CR 152, fully Modded with max Might, specced into all Crits in each Weapon Tree, and both Weapons Expert, and Tactical Genius Iconics. So I have all the critical chance and critical magnitude available..

    Thank You,


    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Reflekt thanks for your comment. We base our guides on our own experience plus many videos in youtube. Maybe in the future we will create our own videos to reinforce our guides.

      With recent UPDATE, PVP is back and we will consider creating PVP Guides. However, at PVP using your experience in blocking, interrupting, and weapon attacks will make you win the match.

      Core strenght vs Penetration strikes question is explained in this video

      EMP Advanced mechanics only increase its damage and doesnt provide crit so having high critical change it is still a chance you wont get critical at all. There are 3 ways to activate EMP enhancement. After 3 other superpowers, after using Distract, or after unstealth. If you use 3 superpowers + EMP and DONT wait for EMP animation to end, using DISTRACT + EMP wont be enhanced. It is important that EMP Pulse activated after Distract or unstealth have previous EMP Pulse Animation to finish otherwise you wont have EMP enhanced. Also 3 superpowers must be used as fast as you can (jump cancelling Fear Gas) in order to have EMP enhanced. If you get interrupted you should start the whole rotation again because your timing is not good for EMP Pulse AM.

      Hope this answers all your questions. Thanks again for your comment 🙂

  11. iSteph

    in your main rotation, I found that Fear Gas and Cryo foam are just too slow. So I switched them with Napalm Grenade and gauss Grenade. The results have been very good.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Isteph for sharing your experience with the guide. We will test it and update our guides if necessary.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Skahr, thanks for your comment. There is no problem by using cryofoam before fear gas. However, i dont think it can increase your damage

  12. Black Lantern Corp

    I feel like I’m doing something wrong I have 11k might and I’m usually at the bottom of the dpses (not doing much dmg)

  13. kundo

    Hi im already lvl 25, where 30 I would like to do some pvp, which rotation would be the best for a novice, and if martial arts is good choice too, thanks

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Kundo, for PVP is not really a guide to follow. I personally use the same build shown here but you will notice that using Distract + EMP Pulse in the right moment can kill your enemies in a blink. However, for PVP learning how to block, interrupt, and using weapon attacks + weapon mastery properly is the only way to win the match

  14. Inspecting Gadget

    I just want to start with, I love this site and all the hard work you guys do. Most people who post builds make it too confusing, and the way this game is setup, the only way to figure out best dps is many hours of trial and error in front of the sparing target. So, thank you guys for those hours. That said, I hate jump cancelling fear gas, very annoying. I replaced it with sticky bomb while leveling. EMP does the same damage as it did with fear gas. So my question is, what is the real difference of replacing fear gas with sticky bomb? Does fear gas do that much more damage? Because i thought all the real damage came from EMP, or is it because if jump cancelled correctly, fear gas has a faster animation, which leads to a faster rotation, which gives more EMP pulses per minute. Please let me know if you guy noticed a difference while testing these. It may be annoying to jump cancel, but I’m not that lazy. I will use fear gas if the dps difference is there, however i guess i am too lazy to test 😛

    Both rotations of course include Distract > EMP Pulse. Still working on mastering the stealth load out, so i will be ignoring stealth for the purpose of this conversation.
    Battle Display > Gauss Grenade > Fear Gas (Jump Cancel) > Cryo-Foam > EMP

    Battle Display > Gauss Grenade > Cryo-Foam > Sticky Bomb > EMP
    (only reason i put sticky bomb last was because during leveling, it would knock enemies out of range of EMP if I did it first or second)

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thank you so much Inspecting Gadget for your support and for sharing your experience with the guide. Im sure most players will try this out 🙂

  15. David Baker

    Just a quick question, after the latest update on gadgets. Is it necessary or recommended to use weapon mastery with a DPS loudout?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello David, it is recommended to use Weapon Mastery when your Advanced Mechanics refund is not enough to let you repeat superpower rotation all the time. But if you are in Raids with controller where you are powered over time you can stick to your Gadgets AM Rotation with no problem

  16. Arcane Expresser

    I was wondering, instead of using fear gas, and using napalm grenade instead, do you
    get the same effect? Because I use gauss grenade, cyro foam, napalm grenade, emp. Of course i use battle display first for the power return.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Yes Napalm Grenage have the same effect but it will require additional superpower points to unlocked which will change your build and dont let you pick iconic superpowers

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Arcane, you can use napalm grenade instead of fear gas but you will need additional 2 power points to unlock it which wont let you choose Iconic superpowers to improve your damage

  17. Bankai ESP

    Trust me guys battle display -sticky bomb – gaus granade – fear gas (jump) – EMP and always distract EMP When I get to the boss switch battle display for stealth . Stealth mode battle display – gaus granade – EMP aswell battle display – bunker buster – EMP

    1. Bankai ESP

      I’ve been gadgets for 1 year and this loadout (steath) burns down the sparring target in 1 min 17 sec with cr 130 and 190 sp. This is a fast loadout that avoids animation of cry foam. If we could always use the steath loadout and i say If we could…We would be far ahead on score board against any power. The thing is until l u get to the boss te gap of time between group of adds make u to loose battle display (using stealth loadout )

    2. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Bankai ESP, it is a great variant the one you are mentioning. Yours loadout is highly recommended for RAIDS but it is recommended for highly experienced Gadgets DPS. We once posted it but many players got confused that we put this guide as simple as possible 🙂

  18. KaosKontrol

    Is there a way to replace one of the powers and add the Anesthetic supercharge? I’m currently a Mental DPS thinking of switching to Gadgets. However, I use the healing supercharge on my mental, and it has saved me multiple times in raids, duos, and solos. A healing supercharge simply gives me more room to breath, especially when there is a lack of tank or simply a bad tank.

    Also, is there a ranged option for damage? Certain Raid bosses are a hazard at mid-close range.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello KaosKontrol, the truth is that being DPS with gadgets is all about using EMP Pulse. You can use supercharge instead of Distract but you lose heavy damage there 🙁

      You can be full ranged with Paralizing Dart + Vortex Cannon but as Gadget DPS, EMP Pulse is the best way to do it 🙁

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello EpicChaos, you can replace EMP Pulse with Paralizing dart and Gauss Grenade with Sticky Bomb. However, you must consider that EMP Pulse deals greater damage than Paralizing dart and this build and loadout provide heavy AM damage and additional Damage over time

  19. TheTravisTyler

    Hi, is it okay to use Stealth or Battle Drone? If so, tell me which powers in your loadout to replace and give a loadout for Stealth please.


    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Stealth is a great addition but instead of replacing powers is more about rearrange them. Battle Drone is not recommended for DPS because it is a supercharge for controllers

  20. VioletCrimson IV

    Call me crazy, but the Gauss Grenade + Fear Gas + Cryo Foam + EMP Pulse isn’t doing NEARLY as much damage as Distract + EMP Pulse. Am I doing something wrong, because I feel like I am.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello VioletCromson, both EMP Pulse should deal the same damage. However, you must considered that this damage will be variable due to critical strike chance, critical attack damage, or buffs. Maybe you see much damage with Distract because EMP Pulse deals a faster damage rather than applying 3 different power interactions

    2. VioletCrimson IV

      No, actually the damage from Distract + EMP is usually high above 10,000, but for some reason the other set, EMP only does around 1000 damage. I know I’m using the right powers, because I’ve read over and tried it over a dozen times.

      Battle Display, Gauss Grenade, Fear Gas, Cryo Foam, then EMP Pulse. That’s what I’ve been doing. I’m not quite sure why it’s not doing as much damage. It’s rather interesting..

    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Dont forget that you must jump cancel Fear Gas’s animation to deal great damage. If you let Fear Gas to full animate you wont get EMP Pulse high damage. Maybe that is what you need to deal inflict heavy damage. Let us know how it goes 🙂

    4. VioletCrimson IV

      … WOW. How did I not see that part? Give me a minute here to try this out on a training dummy…

      WELL now I feel silly. Still, if you don’t cancel the animation immediately after you hit the button, it doesn’t work. Thanks for the help (Sorry I took so long to respond, I created two new characters, an electricity and a celestial, I actually want to go healer on them, I guess I’ll check out this site’s guides for that too, but I also want to have them DPS for solo missions… hmmm..)

    5. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      No problem VioletCrimson, thanks for your comments and we are glad to be helpful 🙂

  21. Zaeg

    Hi, I really like this loadout, it deals a huge amount of damage. Is the damage difference between EMP pulse and paralyzing dart significant? Also I notice that paralyzing dart deals damage to nearby enemies if they are close to the target.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Zaeg, EMP Pulse deal greater damage than Paralyzing Dart you can test it out and you will see that EMP Pulse damage is huge compared to Paralyzing Dart. That is why it is highly recommended despite of its low range area of effect

  22. TheReal Batman

    HI, I am fairly new to Dcuo.

    I have a gadgets dps and wanted to know if my loadout was any good for gadget dps.

    1) Taser pull
    2)Sticky bomb
    3) Stealth
    In stealth 1) taser pull 2) paralyzing dart 3) Hand cuffs 4) return to normal 5) surprise attack 6) termite bomb.
    4) Battle display
    5) suppressor turret
    6) Bunker Blaster
    Weapon: Martial arts ( no weapon mastery)
    Is this any good?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Thereal Batman, to deal heavy damage with your Gadgets dps you must use Advanced mechanics which include using some specific powers to activate the AM. Your loadout is more focused on using Batman powers which is great to have fun but in high end content you must benefit from AM if you want to be great at DPS

  23. nick

    oh I see what tank power do you suggest if i made one?. if i’ll be a troller do i have a chance?. is power interaction like gauss grenade + fear gas can damage an opponent even they are blocking?. also the emp pulse?. tnx

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Yes Nick if you use your advanced mechanics while enemies are blocking you may have a chance to break their blocking. However, you must be careful with fear gas and battle display because they are vulnerable to interrupt.

      Ice and Rage are considered great tanks but i may choose Ice 🙂

  24. nick

    hi how can i beat a fire tank/dps its hard to make a win because it can heal itself and a long range i did the power loadout that you make and all i had to do is countered it with lunging right to make him fall then i did the rotation make some distance kept attacking to make him not recovered what he did i think he break the stun then guard my powerattacked then countered me i almost got him but didn’t make it because of his heal can you give me some advice or technique?..thanks

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Nick, Fire in PVP are kind of Overpowered because of its healing superpower that heal them when received damage. This has been posted in forums and may be fixed in the future. DCUO is currently working to improve PVP but it may take some time 🙁

      When i fight against fire and see the healing buff i use my weapon attacks to end it and once its over then i use my superpowers as fast as i can to knock him out before the healing buff is back. This may work with Fire DPS but for tanks they are virtually imposible to kill

  25. trick

    Hi what is your opinion if i make a hybrid a dps and dominance is it better?what kind of built do you recommend mixing those two..thanks

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Trick , for being great in DCUO you must choose one role at a time which means that you focus all statistics on DPS or Controller. However, if you want to be both roles you may use armories to save build, equipment, statistics, and styles for each role 🙂

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Kalzam, having a batman loadout wont let your character deal the greater damage he is meant to do. However, if you want a batman loadout just for fun you can try to put these superpowers in your loadout:
      * Batarang Multi-Shot (iconic tree)
      * Robot Sidekick (iconic tree)
      * Taser Pull (Tactics)
      * Stasis Field (Devices)
      * EMP Pulse (Devices)
      * Zip Tie Attack (acrobatics)
      * Backflip Attack (acrobatics)

  26. Jomo

    So stealth still does not work. Why can’t the developers get it to work it would be so much more useful and fun in raids with the options it opens up but it still doesn’t work… On testing dummies or open world it works… Not in raids or duos or solos though. Seriously fix it. Been playing for almost three years and it NEVER worked!! Any suggestions as to a better load out cause by the time you go through the rotation of jump canceling and three other animations that can’t be cancelled they adds are usually already dead and as far as raids the emp pulse is so limited its just about worthless on boss fights.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jomo, i agree with you DCUO devs should fixed this issue with latest gadgets revisions. However, we are not related to DCUO so it would be nice that you post this issue in DCUO Forums so they can feel pressure about fixing this bug 🙁

    2. jomo

      Thank you for the response and i will start posting in the devs forum. maybe a little pressure from the clients (thats us ) and repps and the boys might do something about it. any way great site super user friendly and very helpful for people getting that first test of DCUO keep up the great job

    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      You are welcome Jomo. Thanks for your words and we will always be happy to help 🙂

  27. Parth

    I just changed to gadget from celest and i am having difficulty with EMP damage. Do i use it instantly after cryo form cuz i am unable to do that due to cryo foams cast animation and am unable to get the burst damage from EMP. Pls help me.i am using the above loadout and in that order but my burst damage output doesnt seem to come.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Parth, to activate EMP Pulse Advanced Mechanics you must use Battle DisplayGauss GrenadeFear Gas + jump cancellationCryo-foamEMP Pulse (dont use weapon attacks between the rotation)

      If you dont cancel Fear Gas animation with jumping you wont be able to inflict heavy damage with EMP Pulse. Also you need to be at most 12 meters from your enemies to hit them with EMP Pulse.

      Check EMP Pulse heavy damage after using Distract, that is the easy way for testing EMP Pulse damage. Almost the same amount of damage will be inflicted if you use the 3 power interactions before using EMP Pulse

    2. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Aggris, To get higher benefit from Power Interations. Gauss Grenade Electrifies enemies then Fear gas Inflicts Burning on Electrified enemies and Burning or Electrified enemies will explode. However, you can use Fear gas or Cryo-Foam after or before just remember that fear gas must have its animation interrupt with jumping

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jon, for using Paralyzing Dart in your loadout you just need to use Taser Pull instead of Gauss Grenade to improved Paralyzing Dart interaction

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Gadgetron, Quantum and Metanl are considered the most powerful AM in game at the moment. Rage AM is great for Melee situations but at range situations it is lower than others AM. Gadgets is great at Melee and Mid-range situations because EMP-Pulse (which is the most powerful superpower ingame) only deal damage to nearby or mid-range enemies.

  28. Lawrence

    Hey Blog, me again.

    2 things I want to ask about:

    1.) you are right when you warn about EMP’s range. Seeing how
    Exploding enemies often break away from another, how is EMP really
    Useful? Any suggestions aside from Distract-EMP?

    2.) stealth. Stealth is very fun and I can see it being useful
    In raids an duos. Anything else you can share about keeping Stealth useful?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Lawrence,

      1. We recommend EMP Pulse because it deals greater damage than Paralizing Dart and additional that instant damage coming from Distract, using 3 superpowers Gauss Grenade, Fear Gas, and Cryo-foam provides additional Damage Over Time to your enemies so this loadout is considered the one that deals greater damage.
      2. Stealth is fun to use and provides an additional EMP Pulse instant heavy damage but you must use it carefully because for having it you have to put it instead of Battle Display in your loadout. So you will only be able to activate Battle Display from Stealth mode. This is a risky way of doing damage but used wisely will deal greater damage than the loadout explained here

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello TheGame, Gadgets hasnt suffer any heavy changes with latest GU. So this build is still recommended

  29. xtom9

    Hello DCUOblogguide,

    so I recentely tried out Gadgets and I found that it was good for PVE, but I just could not win in PVP against my friends. I was wondering if I am doing something wrong or if I am just not using the abilities in the right order. I was also wondering what other weapon other than the staff I should use as I find the staff to have slow attacks, which has me on the ground by the time I start to use my second combo.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Xtom9, for PVP you should save use Distract EMP Pulse as a finisher. In PVP, using your Weapon attacks, blocking, interrupting are more important than using your abilities constantly (because you will be low powered fast).

      The best moment to use your superpowers is for applying Power Interactions or when your enemy is knock down so your superpowers will inflict heavy damage. And remember save Distract EMP Pulse to one shot your enemy when his health is almos depleted

    1. Neobatman

      wats a decent amount of sp to have to be effective dps at 100cr I have 53 wit my gadgets toon an 118 wit my main when I get more money ill get all 118 but for now can I have an idea of were I need to be to work thrones or hoh I run them wit my main but still I love batman an gadgets is his fortay. ps wen is the blue ring of hope dropping.

    2. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Neobatman, it is recommended that your skill points always be higher than your CR. However, there are players that have more than 170 with their characters and their damage is amazing, imagine what could you do with that amount ore the highest amount 200+

  30. Davidian

    Hi, I’m fairly new to gadgets, this is my loadout:

    Battle Display, Intimidation, Gauss Grenade, Cryo-Foam, Sticky Bomb, Paralyzing Dart

    For ranged DPS . Is it ok? Is there something better? I chose those based on the power interactions, wonder if that is important, or would it better to change Sticky bomb for Napalm Grenade?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Davidian, your loadout is perfectly balanced for Paralizing Dart. Cryo-Foam is better than Napalm Grenade for your loadout because CF deals additional damage over time

    2. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Davidian, for Advanced Mechanics Rotation, it is not recommended to use weapon mastery because you will deal greater and faster damage with Your superpowers than your weapon mastery combos. However, for melee situations and PVP, weapon mastery combos before Gauss Grenade or Cryo-foam will be great 🙂

      If you want the exact moment of using weapon mastery combos it will be after using EMP Pulse, so your Gauss Grenade can be enhanced with Weapon Mastery Crit. However, if EMP Pulse deals a damage over time (when using Intimidation) then your weapon mastery crit will be disabled until that DOT finish

  31. Misconception

    What do you think is the best weapon to use with gadgets dps? I know all of them are good and it depends how you use it, but is there a particular weapon that just fits gadgets dps? Should it be ranged or melee type?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      It should be a weapon that can let you be great at midrange damage due to EMP Pulse. One Handed or Dual wield will be good for it

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      With Might Advanced Mechacnis your powers can not be clipped. Unless you use some buff like Intimidation but this is not the case. Only Fear-Gas has a long animation that can be cancelled by jumping

  32. Misconception

    Would it better to:
    1. Swap fear gas for sticky bomb and make the new rotation; battle display -> sticky bomb -> gauss grenade-> Cyro-foam -> EMP -> distract -> EMP. Or do you have to have fear gas for max damage with EMP?

    2. If using fear gas, put fear gas after cyro-foam so it becomes GG -> Cyro-foam -> fear gas. This way, the enemy, particularly in pvp, have a chance of becoming encased in ice for some time. Please tell me what you think on both points.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Misconception, it is a great variant you pointed out here. However, for Raids and alerts Fear Gas is better than Sticky bomb because its power interaction complements with CryoFoam, Gauss Grenade, and also add an additional Damage Over Time

  33. CyberBlue

    Thank you for replying. I understand that EMP does more damage than Paralyzing Dart. However, I do not like EMP range. I like Ranged DPS loadout and it is why I use Paralyzing Dart. I’m looking at building an optimal Gadget Range loadout to improve my damage out over my current loadout. Which is Sticky Bomb, Gaus Grenade, Napalm, Paralyzing Dart, Battle Awareness and Distract. Is this a good range loadout or is there something better?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Yes CyberBlue, your recommended loadout is great for Paralyzing Dart. This will give you access to a full Range DPS Loadout.

  34. CyberBlue

    I just created a Gadget toon and want to be more ranged than mid to close as a DPS. What are the options for a ranged Gadget DPS? Currently I have Battle Awareness, Distract, Sticky Bomb and P. Dart in my loadout. I’m looking to build a strickly ranged loadout and would like to know what other power should I put into my rotation.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello CyberBlue, if you want to be fully range you must Change EMP Pulse for Paralizing Dart. However, we have run test and EMP Pulse hits harder than Paralizing Dart, that is the reason why most gadgets players use it instead of Dart for DPS

    2. CyberBlue

      Was your test after update 44 or before update 44? I ask because update 44 P. Dart got a buff.

    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello CyberBlue, this was tested after GU44. Paralizing Dart and EMP Pulse got a buff when Intimidation is active. However, we have tested that using EMP Pulse using Advanced Mechanics deals better damage than using Intimidation Buff

  35. Sahmer

    i was thinking. EMP pulse deals more damage to electrifiedenemies. Is it better to toss gauss grenade before using EMP? It will go like this, battle display>cyro-foam>fear gas>gauss grenade>EMP pulse

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Sahmer, if you read power interactions using Gauss Grenade, Fear Gas and Cryo Foam in this order will ensure all superpower interactions to deal more damage. Gauss Grenade electrifies your enemies for enough time that EMP Pulse will hit your enemies being already electrified

  36. The Game

    Are you going to update or make a separate post loadout for intimidation? I’m trying to find a loadout that doesn’t have a long rotation.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello The Game, we have try a loadout with intimidation. However, having distract instead of intimidation for improving EMP Pulse damage is the best and more harmful loadout. In fact, this build and loadout allow you to use Weapon Mastery Rotation if you dont use EMP Pulse and Advanced Mechanics to improve EMP Pulse damage

  37. Toppercio

    Hello again. Ive been using this loadout and I al pretty satisfied with it but I have some questions:

    1) Whats thw AoE of EMP pulse? Because it seems I have to be really near the enemies to affect them

    2) I am using bow. Shouldnt I chose precision over might? Because everything that gives might it takes away precision, so I am confused. Btw, should I change to another weapon??? Wich one do you recommend?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Toppercion, EMP Pulse is a midrange attack it is stronger than Paralizing Dart but you need to be closer to your enemies to deal damage. For this loadout you dont need to use your weapon in Alerts or Raids when you have a controller. However, Bow is not recommendable for DPS because it is not great for melee situations. I recommend you to use One Handed or Dual Wield

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Ahmadjams, gadgets is a great power with a great advanced mechanics. Celestial will get revamp with gu45. At the moment, gadgets is a better power than celestial. You may want to wait for seeing celestial changes

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Supremezero, with Might Advanced Mechanics there is no need to use weapon Mastery combos. However, if you are in challenges, duos, or missions you can use Weapon Mastery combo before “Gauss Grenade”, “Fear Gas”, or “Cryo-Foam [3]”

  38. Gravnirok

    I was wondering about changing to gadgets, read the loadout and was sold. I’m satisfied with the damage output and appreciate the guides and explanations. Only problem is I’m a bit confused when it comes to using stealth the right way. I was wondering if you could clarify, after you replace battle display with stealth, how to use stealth with the loadout in a full rotation.

    Also I’d like to know which ends up putting out more damage, using battle display’s rotation compared to using stealth’s rotation.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Gravnirok, thanks for your support and comment. We are glad you like our guide.

      If you replace Stealth instead of Battle Display, you will be able to deal an additional great damage with EMP Pulse. This will be the rotation with Stealth:

      • Stealth (this is clicked from your normal loadout)
      • Battle Display (this is clicked from your Stealth loadout) (this doesnt unstealth you)
      • Gauss Grenade (this is clicked from your Stealth loadout) (now you will be unstealth)
      • EMP Pulse (this is clicked from your normal loadout)
      • Then you just use Main Rotation from normal loadout

      If you continue using your superpowers you will have always Battle Display active. However, if you miss activating Battle Display from Stealth Mode or you does not active superpowers constantly to refresh Battle Display interaction, you will have to wait until Stealth is available again for activating Battle Display.

      Having Stealth in your loadout is recommended for raids where you are powered by controllers and if you lose Battle Display effect you can still deal dps

  39. Mr. Jones

    Regarding modding, has anyone looked into modding with vitalization/might instead of might/power? There are only two yellow sockets, so it’s probably not a huge difference, but it might be something to look into as I would assume this would improve the power you’re getting back from the AM.

  40. Toppercio

    I was just wondering if the rotation must change now that in GU44 intimidation was changed:

    “Intimidation, when triggered, will now cause Paralyzing Dart and EMP Pulse to deal damage over time while Battle Awareness is active and the player is in the DPS role.”

    Btw, what’s the best replacement to Fear Gas in the main rotation? I always have trouble jump canceling the animation and lose several seconds.

    Thanks for the guide, it really helps n00bs like me 🙂

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Toppercio, thanks for the support and your questions. Having intimidation in your loadout doesnt deal enough damage as Distract – EMP pulse. That is why it is more recommended that you have distract instead of intimidation.

      I know Fear Gas can be hard to manage. However, it provides an additional damage over time to the rotatio that no other superpower can give you.

      You can replace Fear Gas with Statis field but you will be losing some good damage 🙂

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Of Course Ryujjin, we are currently working on Quantum then we will start with Gadgets

  41. Monty0300

    Hello, I read both gadgets articles for DPS and controller and I can’t figure out which one to go with. On one hand, the controller can seriously debuff an opponent in PVP. But, on the other hand, DPS can deal out way more damage. Also, how good is the controller gadget loadout in high level raids like Labrynith and Throne of the Dead?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Monty0300, my personal opinion for raising my combat rating is to do it in DPS role. Once i reach the highest CR then i start collecting Controller pieces and with an additional armory i make my character both roles DPS and Controller. But it is easier to raise cr with DPS role unless your equipment allow you to easily POT new content.

  42. DroXi

    Sorry if you got this question before i just couldn’t find it Is gadgets one of the best DPS power i know atm Quantam is because Dc Entertainment needs money and hit’s about 90K per seconds but anyways Nerf Nukes ARE SET lol but is it a good power? And whats the best movement and weopon for it thanks for your time :).

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello DroXi, most powers in DCUO have got balanced with the latest Game Updates which means that all powers can be great with experienced. In the past, Celestial and Rage were considered the best Powers in-game but now mostly all powers can deal pretty good damage including gadgets.

      Quantum will be updated in GU44 but for what i heard is dealing great damage but has a very slow rotation to do it. In my opinion, gadgets can be a great DPS power for you to choose.

      The best movement is flying and DPS weapon you can choose between One Handed or Dual Wield (these are my favorites)

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Toerlop, all mentioned roles are great for DPS. However, in my opinion Nature can be a great DPS beast 🙂

  43. GadgetStillAwesoe

    Hi can any Blog please tell me witch power is the best At The moment? What i mean by this is what class is best for damage and fastest to level up with

  44. The Game

    I have another question. Is martial arts mastery considered bad in dps? I have currently 7066 might, sp 130 with 110 cr. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong because people are getting higher numbers than me with lower might.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello TheGame, martial arts is considered a great weapon for PVP but for PVE it has long and weak weapon mastery combos. Best weapons for DPS are One Handed, Dual Wield, Hand Blaster.

      Gadgets DPS can also deal damage without using their weapon attacks. With GU43, EMP Pulse used in advanced mechanics will regen your supercharge power so using their superpower rotations is enough to deal great damage in ALERTS and RAIDS

  45. The Game

    As far as modding blue sockets go, should I focus on Dom or Health? ATM my dps gear is 104 with only 1 piece modded. I have already 10131 health and 83 dom. I’m thinking Dominance and Might would be the best way to go. Your opinion please.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello The Game, most people choose Health over Dominance because it give them more survival time. Dominance allows your power to crowd control but it only works if your enemy dominance is lower so in RAIDS or ALERTS, dominance is useless

  46. Jomo

    I have tried the loadout with stealth in solos duos alerts and raids. The resulys are the same it does not work. After steLth is activated there is a almost 2-3 seconds before battle ready can be activated and about the same before gausse grenade can be activated and then sometimes more than 5 seconds after u come out of stealth before u can activate emp pulse. However in open world against sparring dummies it works as it is supposed too. Very smooth and no lag between activations of powers. What gives?? Why the epic fail in execution in actuall content runs??

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jomo, we have checked the loadout and rotation and it appears that Stealth works fine with the EMP Pulse. You can activate Stealth then Battle Display and finally Gauss Grenade (all this in stealth mode). After using Gauss Grenade you will lose stealth so using EMP Pulse will damage your target highly.

      This is still a great build and loadout so no updates are required for GU43 🙁

  47. GOJU

    I find that I tend to be a button masher and have neither the desire nor the patience to confine myself to a ‘rotation’. I also prefer a DOT loadout, which I am in the process of working up. I come here for suggestions, which actually help me build what I want to play and not what everyone else is rolling, and that’s what it’s all about, finding what works for you so you can play and enjoy the game. Too many times I get criticized for my play style and that’s just not cool.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Goju, i know what you try to do with your gadget. However, most dcuo powers are about following a rotation. Nature is one of the most powerful DOT power by the moment, it will let you inflict your damage over time and then hit your target with weapon attacks until you need to refresh the DOTS. Hope this answer your question 🙂

  48. Brad Foreman


    I have been struggling for some time. My CR is 111, 133 SP, 5692 Might and 2929 Prec. I can never find that right load-out for me. I am a ranged gadgets dps. I originally had my loadout as sticky bomb, gauss grenade, cyro-foam, napalm grenade, photon blast and then bunker buster. I was was not keeping up in damage at all. Right now I am using Battle Display, Gauss Grenade, Cyro-foam, Stealth, EMP Pulse and Bunker Buster. That has helped a little but I am still not keeping up. I have played with adding fear gas to the load out but hate it with how long it takes and the time it takes. I can give you my mods on my gear if you like. I am using dom and prec, might and power, and might and prec. I do a lot of WM combos when I attack. If you have any advice, I could sure use it. I have read everything here but still fill there has to be a good load-out for a ranged dps with handblasters that can keep up with other CR111 players.

    Thank you,
    Brad Foreman

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Brad, Gadgets deals more damage with Might than Precision. With GU43, Paralyzing Dart / EMP Pulse will now grant supercharge regen for 4 seconds when hitting a target as part of the advanced mechanic so you dont need to use Weapon attacks to get Bunker Buster Charged.

      I would recommend you boost your might as much as you can to deal great damage witn EMP Pulse

  49. MugenM422

    Hi, just wanted to post my loadout…

    Battle display -> gauss-> sticky-> Napalm-> EMP clipped with defib (boosts might and prec, as well as cancelling the EMP animation, and giving around 150-200 power to group)
    My league are really impressed with it.

    I keep my eye on me prec and might boost so I don’t waste power on the defib but just keep rotating the grenades and EMP. Need to see if my PI’s could be more efficient but I like the load out

    Sonicbatgirl EUPS

  50. Klarion Prime

    I don’t know why the makers of this guide don’t highlight the fact that there are actually multiple combinations of powers you can throw in any order to get the big EMP hit. And nearly anything you come up with will be better than this rotation since to get the combination the blog is giving you to work correctly you have to jump cancel Fear Gas in the middle of your combo. I use napalm into cryo foam into taser pull then EMP, so I don’t have to jump cancel in the middle of a combo to get the big hit.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Klarion, we just provide a way to use gadgets DPS. DCUO Powers have unlimited ways of been used, thats why we research the best builds and loadout and compile all that info in our guides so players can learn how to use it and if they want they can change with their experience.

      It is impossible to explain 100% how to use any powers in DCUO but many players give our guides a try and then they choose if use the loadout or change it 🙂

  51. Ryujjin

    I have a suggestion for this.
    Use Cryo Foam instead of Vortex Cannon since when you use Gauss Grenade > Fear Gas > Cryo Foam both Fear Gas and Cryo Foam’s explosion effect occur.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Ryujjin for your suggestion 🙂 We are glad to count on experienced people like you

    2. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Ryujjin, in fact this build and loadout just need to unlock Poison Dart instead of EMP Pulse to perfectly work. However, Vortex Cannon is highly required to improve Poison Dart damage (Dazed effect required)

    3. Avatar of Khonshu

      Although I haven’t unlocked enough skill points for cross weapon mastery, I’ve been trying to make the Cryo-Foam and Toxin Dart work for the past week in my DPS build. I’ve found that, often times, the Dart works best if you fire it from stealth. It may require testing from someone more experienced, but I’m fairly certain that the bonus “immediately after stealth” damage applies if you initiate the Dart ability from stealth, on the grounds that it actually breaks stealth upon use.

      Additionally, the Bloguide author brings a strong point about keeping Vortex Cannon instead of using Cryo-Foam if you plan to use the Dart. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many powers that cause the “Dazed” ailment as there are other power interactions in the Gadgets ability trees. The only two powers I know cause the “Dazed” power interaction are “Sticky Bomb” and “Vortex Cannon”, and I believe Neural Neutralizer gains a bonus against dazed targets (I’m certain it doesn’t cause “Dazed”, but it does apply other forms of Crowd Control).

    4. Avatar of Khonshu

      Looking closer at the skill trees, and noticed something funny. When I implemented the Paralytic Dart prior to re-specializing into the Controller role, I was still using cryo-foam in place of vortex cannon. However, if you aren’t using EMP, that means there is also no real incentive to put a point in Stasis Field. In the DPS role, you really don’t want to be encasing things when it reduces the damage that your target is taking. By that logic, you can actually reassign that skill point somewhere else while using the P-Dart in your load-out. I would recommend taking Nano-weave Armor from the Iconic Powers to complement your survivability, rather than spend it on another Gadgets power, because you should really have everything you need by that point.

    5. Avatar of Khonshu

      Finally purchased some Station Cash, obtained a second armory, and resumed play in the damage role. Found out some neat tips for anyone still choosing to work with the P-Dart, like myself.

      Unlike EMP pulse, which loves the bonus interaction damage from almost everything in this load-out (I still say vortex cannon should be replaced with Cryo-Foam when using the Pulse), the Dart has less sources within the Gadgets power set to inflict the dazed condition. As a result, Dart users want to apply slight of hand in the form of Stealth and Distract.

      So far, my ideal rotation is to apply Battle Awareness from stealth, followed by a stealth-initiated Dart. The Dart immediately refunds power, letting you cast Gauss Grenade. This is followed by Fear Gas, and then jump cancelled into Vortex Cannon. The Cannon applies the Dazed effect, allowing you to gain bonus damage in addition to the advanced mechanic benefits once the Dart is hard cast. The second dart also causes a loop; remember that when Battle Awareness grants a power refund, it also refreshes it’s duration for a set number of seconds (depending on the power).

      If you need an additional burst between phases in the rotation, or find yourself interrupted, cast the Dart from Distract. If cast quickly enough, it continues to refresh the duration of Battle Awareness. Distract also lessens agro from most hostiles, allowing you to re-enter stealth should it come off cool-down. Additionally, when stealthed, always prioritize Battle Awareness when you have power. Bunker Buster is there in the Guide’s stealth bar when you don’t.

      Lastly, because I use Martial Arts in the damage role along with the Dual Pistols, I did forgo Stasis Field for Nano-weave Armor as mentioned in a previous post. The added durability is small, yet substantial enough tp increase my survivability in melee combat.

    6. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Avatar for this amazing comment, we are glad to have you sharing your experience with us 🙂

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello kwilliams, can you tell us why you consider distract useless?? because we have use it and still work for EMP Pulse which is the main superpower damager

  52. Shion

    I’m currently using: battle display -> cryo foam -> gauss grenade -> weapon combo -> napalm grenade -> emp pulse, with my remaining slot being bunker buster. I find it’s a little easier to work with than having stealth in there or jump canceling fear gas and I think works decently, for those of us who can only keep track of so many things. 🙂

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Shion for your comment im sure this will help others to manage their gadget dps 🙂

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Lithaniel, dont need to change your character you can unlock weapons at any level or combat rating without creating a new Character. I personally prefer One Handed, but Staff is really good also 🙂

  53. Raurus

    Hello guys, ty for ur awesome work on this guide! 😀 Maybe my question sounds noob but I wonder why you didn’t include the Suppresor Turret in this build, nor in the controller build, I mean, it’s one more thing dealing damage to your enemy automatically!. Is it actually THAT useless?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Raurus, Suppresur Turret is not need in this build and loadout. Gadget DPS will inflict its heavy damage from EMP Pulse, so this build focus on empower your EMP Pulse as much as you can.

  54. Fassi

    Hey, I’m planning to change my power from earth to rage or fire, and I want to ask you, whether it is worth or if it’s usefull?


    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Fassi, both powers rage and fire are great but my favorite is Rage for its combos and survival 🙂

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Sorry Captain, we just make written guides for the moment, maybe in the future, we will start doing videos for our guides

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jack this is the best loadout for DPS GADGET and it doesnt disable your weapon mastery crit bonus 🙂 We will soon update our guides with some multiple loadouts if they need it. Stay tuned to our Facebook Fanpage for more information

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Dreyco69, in my opinion I prefer flying over others movement styles because it gives you more freedom when travelling long distance or skipping enemies. For weapon, i prefer One Handed or Dual Wield. One Handed is great for dps but if you need to watch your range between enemies (Solar Flame Mastery makes you move 1 step ahead everytime you use it) then you should pick Dual Wield (Explosive Shot Mastery)

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jorge, we just updated this guide to GU40. We have added EMP Pulse rotation and Tactical MODS also. Enjoy it 🙂

  55. Tony Ramirez

    Im CR 101atm and i use one handed weapon mastery with this loadout: Gauss > Cryo Foam > WM > Fear Gas (jump) > WM > Sticky Grenade.. SC is BB of course and I just pop a trinket to increase my dmg when ever I can. Before i get crucified, i dont use photon becasue it uses a bunch of power and is only most useful when enemoes are almost dead. So i like to save that slot for something else. Also I dont use intimidation because with this loadout i can have a constant stream of numbers at all times. Should I use intimidation? Will the loss off an attack be balanced out by adding a bit more damage with intimidaton? And i guess my final question is do you have any recommendations for me and my particular weird ass loadout?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Tony we are currently working on a new build and loadout for gadgets after GU40. This new powerset will include EMP Pulse but we are trying to find a way to use it with weapon mastery 🙂 stay tuned

  56. Ben

    Hello I love this website and this guide and I think gadgets is a really nice power after gu40 but to ensure high damage I recommend u use the max damage “white mod” or tac. Mod max damage which it overrides any damage boost to do 60% more damage for 5 seconds unless u activate another power that does a damage boost so with this load out combined with that tac. Mod u will be doing a lot of damage I just wanted to put that out there to people who want to do more damage

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks ben for your comment. We are currently updating our guides which will have a tactical mods recommendation and Max Damage hand tactical mod is included 🙂

  57. Nate

    This is what I use now. Its doing wonders. Pure might based, no more precision. You wont even need much help from the controller, you can mod your yellow sockets with Vita&Might to boost AM power buff.
    GU 40:
    Start with weapon mastery.
    Sticky Bomb>Battle Display>Cryo Foam>Stasis Field>EMP>Distract
    1: Clip Sticky Bomb and Battle Display to apply Power Interaction #1 and get AM power restore buff.
    2: Quickly cast Cryo Foam and Stasis Field to apply PI #2 and #3.
    3: Clip EMP with Distract or just EMP whenever distract is on cooldown.

    Always make sure you apply ALL #3 Power interactions in order to enhance EMP’s damage.
    Note: Do NOT use weapon attacks during the rotation. It will ruin the PI setup and significantly decrease you EMP damage. Use weapon attacks only when you are starting the rotation IE: before you clip Sticky Bomb with Battle Display.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Nate for this amazing share. We are still doing research about what is the best new gadget build but this is an amazing explanatiom for Might base gadgets

  58. Zz

    Is this load out geared more towards boss fights? The reason I ask is even though Fear Gas has a lower dmg modifier %, wouldn’t it be more ideal for mobs? It also has a PI with Cryofoam.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello ZZ, these builds and loadouts try to be useful in any situation but they can be improved by changing some super-powers depending on the situation PVP, PVE, or solo missions. Fear Gas is an excellent idea for damaging multiple mobs you can unlocked instead of Wisdom of Solomon if you like 🙂

  59. Fassi

    With stealth i don’t loos any aggro. If I get aggro enemies and activate stealth they attack me and I’m at again at dps role O.o.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Fassi, loosing agro with stealth will depend on your dominance because it increase the effectiveness of your super-powers.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello RageingNoob, i suggest you to wait for GU40 where Gadgets will be revamp then you should choose what to become now 🙂

  60. JupiterDc

    m8,1st good job with all these guides..i have some question:1st U know which is better between cryo foam n fear gas?i mean for the dmg,not for the 35\45% boost,2nd: isnt Gauss grenade better than the napalm?it does more dmg n u can use it under control effects..btw thx for all this job,we appreciate that!

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks JupiterDC for your comment, we are glad you like our guides. Fear Gas is excellent for damaging multiple enemies. However, we recommend Cryo Foam for its 45% damage modifier. And Gauss Grenade joined with Cryo Foam complement both their power interaction. However, with GU40 Gadgets will be revamped so we will updated this guide with that GU

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Well Jerry, Gadgets will be revamp in the GU40 comming soon. I wouldnt change my power to mental with a revamp coming

    2. JupiterDc

      well for troll maybe its better mental but if u’r a dps wait till gu41(few months)..they’r gonna revamp mental\quantum\ic..if ur lucky they’ll buff mental..then choose!

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Darkhanis, Robot Sidekick is better than Suppresor Turret. Robot sidekick deals more damage and it is faster than turret, Suppresor Turret reaction is too slow for DPS

  61. Cesar

    Hello can u help me? I have a dual pistol acrobatic and im follow that guide but i want to know what acrobatics i need o i have to start again cause i see nobody use dual pistols

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Cesar, Dual Pistols is a range weapon that is not common to use. However, if you like it, keep using it 🙂 We recommended fast weapon such as One Handed, Dual Wield, but weapons should be a personal choice for players.

      If you want to know what skill points should unlock in the movement tree, check the Acrobatics Movement Section.

  62. Jerry codio

    Hello i use Hand blast for pve but you say use 1hand is 1hand better for speed and damage or just for speed also i think you guys should update the feat section like explain how to do them

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jerry, One Handed is excellent for speed and damage because its weapon mastery combos are fast so you can hit much more times than other weapons.

  63. Nochturnal

    Does this load out work with rifles, or is it only intended for melee characters? What changes, if any, would you make to if for a rifle user?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Nochturnal. This build can be used for all kind of weapons in fsct with weapon mastery every weapon has a powerful range combo mastery. For example, i use One Handed: Solar Flame mastery. What we recommend is that you use weapons with fast mastery combos which let you deal fast damage

    2. Nochturnal

      I’m pretty new to the game, and was wanting to make sure that the learning curve for melee vs ranged isn’t too steep. I’ve only gotten to level 5 so far as a rifle user, and don’t mind switching over to one handed it its that big of a plus.

    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Nochturnal, rifle can be a great weapon. However, its heavy damage comes from range combos and for leveling doing range damage will get you interrupt. One handed is a very powerful and easy to use weapon, excellent for leveling your first character 🙂

  64. GaZ0tron

    First of all let me say thanks for the awesome guides. As a Gadgets DPS can you tell me what weapons to spend all my SP on to get the most Might? I am Martial Arts with Handblaster mastery. Not sure where to put the rest of my SP to get the most might possible.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Gazotron, if you really want to boost your might, you should focus on a weapon tree with might and unlock that weapon mastery to get +75 might with weapon mastery skill points.

      The weapon trees that grants you more might are:
      * Brawling
      * Dual Wield
      * Martial Arts
      * Shield
      * Two Handed

  65. Blackwìing

    Hi, I’m a Quìcksilver’s friend and I took gadget/martial arts hero. Can you give me some tips? Thank you man.

    Bye Bye


    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Blackwiing, here is the build for Martial Arts skill points:
      1. Martial Arts Weapon Proficiency – 1 skill point
      2. Knee Launch – 1 skill point
      3. Cartwheel Kick – 1 skill point
      4. Elbow Drop – 1 skill point
      5. Spinning Punch – 1 skill point
      6. Shuriken Storm – 1 skill point
      7. Enhanced Shuriken – 1 skill point
      8. Critical Attack Damage – 3 skill points
      9. Might – 6 skill points
      10. Health – 4 skill points

      Recommended Weapon Mastery combos are:
      * Loft Shot Mastery
      * Uppercut Mastery
      * Meteor Blast Mastery

  66. Quìckshot

    Hi man! I’m such a noob on DCUO and i have done a gadget/bow char. I’d like to know what i’ve to do, what should I max, where should I use my points, which skills should I use, is it’s better dps or control. I tried to serach on internet, but i can’t really understand a lot, if u could do a little guide on bow/gadgets for me it would be perfect, please! :'(

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Quickshot, thanks for your comment. In this guide you find valuable info about statistics, build and loadouts.
      First of all, unlock your movement skill points, depending on your movement here are the skills:
      * Flight: Supersonic
      * Acrobatics: Rocket-assisted Glide
      * Super-speed: Speed Force

      Then, for Bow DPS Skill build you can unlock this:
      1. Bow Weapon Proficiency – 1 skill point
      2. Kip Up Launcher – 1 skill point
      3. Arrow Fling – 1 skill point
      4. Bow Slam – 1 skill point
      5. Flurry Shot – 1 skill point
      6. Impact Arrow – 1 skill point
      7. Trick Shots – 1 skill point
      8. Critical Attack Chance – 3 skill points
      9. Precision – 6 skill points
      10. Health – 4 skill points

      This 20 points will allow you to unlock weapon mastery, then you should unlock cross-weapon mastery to unlock Full Auto Mastery, Smoke Bomb Mastery, and Spinning Punch Mastery.

  67. bugsy

    noobie here just want to know what is the best dps class? i also want to kno if what class is best for leveling thank you 🙂

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Bugsy, all powers have their pro and cons. However, i really prefer Rage, Sorcery, or Electricity as DPS role

    2. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Bugsy, for weapon mastery rotation is recommended fast weapon with fast weapon mastery combos. Dual Pistol doesnt have fast weapon mastery combos so i recommend you One Handed, Dual Wield, or Brawling

    3. bugsy

      but if you were to pick between bow or rifle? which would you pick cause the others bore me a bit

    4. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      I will choose Bow, i like its combos animation and throwing arrows from the sky 🙂 and it has easy weapon mastery combos to use

  68. TrueGadget

    Speaking about stealth: u are wrong dcuobloguide. Indeed, it is very usefull at pve. Just make ur WM combo> end it with stealth > use bunker bustar and u ll see how ur SC dmg will be imporved 🙂 The ez way to see it is to watch Balkan’s guide for SM.

  69. Chawin

    Hello dcuobloguide, I’ve just created a character with gadget-brawling (read from your comment that brawling are the best for PVP) what is weapon mastery and power build that you suggest, thanks

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Chawin, here is the Brawling weapon build for weapon mastery:
      1. Brawling Weapon Proficiency – 1 skill point
      2. Double Fist – 1 skill point
      3. Backfist – 1 skill point
      4. Hammer Fist– 1 skill point
      5. Launching Uppercut– 1 skill point
      6. Haymaker – 1 skill point
      7. Critical Attack Damage – 3 skill points
      8. Health – 3 skill points
      9. Might – 6 skill points
      10. Power – 2 skill points

  70. Jerry Codio

    Sorry for bugging you again but could u please tell me a rotation with fear gas everything is the same as the load out above just I replaced sidekick with fear gas

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jerry, you can try this rotation:

      Cryo-Foam (45%) clipped with Intimidation (35%) – Fear Gas [jump cancel](35%) – Stasis Field (45%) – Weapon Mastery Combo – Stasis Field (45%) – Weapon Mastery Combo – Napalm Grenade (50%)

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Yeap Jerry you could change to Fear Gas, just remember if you want to boost your Weapon Mastery Combos use a super-power which increases all damage by 45% or more

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Robot Sidekick’s damage will be increased acording to your Combat Rating. I am CR 103 and Sidekick’s super-power deal 600 to 800 damage which is more than my common super-power attacks

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello jerry, you ahould try one handed, it has solar flame mastery which is great for range damage, and having one handed will make you great at melee

  71. Jerry Codio

    Is stasis field a aoe move and also why should I have it instead of fear gas and also the steqlth move and bunker buster is so free kin clever two in 1 stealth keeps u from damage and you can use a sc <3

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello jerry, we recommend statis field because it does damage over time on multiple enemies, has fast animation, and increases all damage by 45% which is great to boost your weapon mastery combos damage.

  72. Godforgiveme

    Hello man, I’ve started a character with a Rifle, but I don’t know, how to make my skill trait build, to the weap. and to my Fast Sprinting, can you help me?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello God, here is the Rifle weapon build for weapon mastery:
      1. Rifle Weapon Proficiency – 1 skill point
      2. Rolling Barrage – 1 skill point
      3. Flip Burst – 1 skill point
      4. Flamethrower – 1 skill point
      5. Mortar – 1 skill point
      6. Overhead Smash – 1 skill point
      7. Critical Attack Chance – 3 skill points
      8. Health – 3 skill points
      9. Precision – 6 skill points
      10. Power – 2 skill points

  73. Zurg

    Can you make the dual wield point build for this gadgets DPS? I’m having such a hard/confused times. Ty a lot.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Zurg, to unlock weapon mastery you should spend 20 points in the Weapon Tree and unlocked the required combos described in the Dual Wield Mastery skill. Start by unlocking this skills:
      1. Dual Wield Weapon Proficiency – 1 skill point
      2. Whirlwind Overstrike – 1 skill point
      3. Stunning Swipe – 1 skill point
      4. Dual Flurry – 1 skill point
      5. Critical Attack Damage – 3 skill points
      6. Might – 6 skill points
      7. Health – 6 skill points
      7. Power – 1 skill point

      Then unlock Dual Wield Mastery at the top of the tree. To enable Brawling and Bow Mastery combos, you must unlock their Masteries.

      I hope this help you 🙂

  74. Bloodsail22

    I use HB weapon masteries. Which abilities should I use with the mastery and why? What would be the best rotation for trash mobs without a controller?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hi Bloodsail22, with Hand Blaster you can try: Haymaker Mastery, Arrow Fling Mastery, and Ground Pound Mastery (this last one is optional)

      If you dont have a controller, you should use Napalm Grenade which increase all your damage by 50% and then your weapon mastery combos. Napalm Grenade will inflict Burning to your enemies so remember to use it again when the burning is over or to refresh your 50% damage bonus

  75. llSmokyll

    Hello there, really goodjob for this guide…
    Just want to ask… is it still working? I’m practically a noob in dcuo, and I want to follow this build but i don’t know if it’s still updated.

    Thank you a lot

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello smoky this guide can still be follow. Our guides provide recommended build and loadouts for you to start using your character. However, we will doing some changes soon with weapon mastery rotation

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hi Steve, i will say Gauss Grenade instead of Fear Gas to electrifies enemies and deal more damage with Napalm Grenade

  76. GadgetNoob

    I’m just now trying out a gadgets build on my villain. I’m starting with cryofoam + intim, then using HB weapon mastery and using photon, fear, and gauss. I also have bunker buster to throw in. I try to stay ranged at most times. Anything you recommend replacing? I’m not very good at jump cancelling but I’m not sure if that is needed anymore.

  77. Monsta88

    I am gadget dps with either 1hand or handblaster as my weapons. my loadout consist of intimidation, guass grenade, napalm grenade, cryo foam, photon blast, and bunker buster. i waste so much power trying to do this rotation and do not do enough damage. how do i fix this. my current rotation is, clip cyro foam with intimidation, then clip wepon with guass and napalm. then im only using the photon blast clip with my dots going with a weapon clip when the enemy is at 35% health. i can not keep up with other dps’s im getting out done by a million or more and we have the same gear. this if for the t6 stuff. im going both might and precision. ive heard of all these different loadouts with stealth, sam turrent and bunker buster. but im just looking for a loadout that will put me on top of the scoreboard. i love gadgets and do not want to change my power.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Monsta88, with GU36 some of the high DPS comes from using your super-powers with Weapon Mastery Combos. Try activating your Damage over time super-powers first and then use your Weapon Mastery combo followed by a Napalm Grenade or Photon Blast.

    2. RELIC

      I have the exact same problem with my Gadgets since the last patch about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I honestly think the ninja nerfed gadgets dps potential while changing the jump cancel & Photon blast. I have the exact same set up except I don’t use a super charge. I leave the supercharge bar full for additional weapon damage and use the attack bot to compensate. I’m trying to research to see if anyone else noticed the dps loss.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello CantTouchMe, we are currently updated our Power Guides with Weapon Mastery however using Gaus Grenade is recommended now with GU37 so you can unlocked and used it instead of Napalm Grenade

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hello Daunte, you should use your skill points in the next order:
      1- Unlock your main weapon combos
      2- Then unlock your Resistant skills and Breakout Mastery in your Movement Tree
      2- Then unlock statistics by priority indicated above. For Gadgets DPS, Might is the most important.

  78. darrell

    Im in the process of buildng a gadget dps toon on the pvp servers. What power from your experience will work best with the Gadgets? Im looking into either the bow, duel weld or mental. What do you thinl

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hello Darrell, thanks for passing by. Im a little confuse about if you are refering to weapons or powers. If you mean weapons then i suggest you to try dual wield or one handed with your gadget 🙂

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hello daunte benjamin, thanks for your comments.

      You can get good weapon drops from:
      Combat Rating: Level 30 to CR 43: Alerts
      Combat Rating: CR 43 to CR 53: Star Labs Facility | Oan Sciencells
      Combat Rating: CR 53 to CR 70: Expert: Sunstone Matrix
      Combat Rating: CR 70 to CR 84: The Prime Battleground
      Combat Rating: CR 84 to CR 103: Trigon’s Prison | Faction Command center

      Tell me your exact CR to research where you can get weapons for your combat rating 🙂

    2. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hello Daunte Benjamin, you can get Weapons Item Level 70 from Prime Battleground, or you can buy it from T4 Vendors with 8750 Marks of Triumph

  79. skyentist

    I’m currently gathering t5 armor from mogo and as a gadget dps I’m choosing the enforcer resolute gear and based on your stay priority , I’ve been going with might as primary pieces to get. Should you mix up the gear with both striker and enforcer gear or go all enforce with precision mods? I’m not very clear on this ?

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hello Skyentist, thanks for your comment. I recommend you to not mod your equipment with precision. As Gadget DPS, you must have high ammounts of might because when you get into T5 Raids you will have enough power (controllers power restoration) to just spam your power rotation.

      Hope this help you, see you around 🙂

  80. skyentist

    As gadgets, you’re alllocated two roles :controller and damage. You’re build guides show two different ones for dps and controller. Does that mean if I can’t be a good controller if I have your dps build?

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Skyentist, Being successfull with your role will depend on your build, loadout, and stats. You can have a DPS build but your damage will be low if you have controller stats. The same happens with Controller, your power restoration will not be enough if you dont have vitalization and dominance on your priority stats.

      If you want to be multirole, i suggest to have 2 armories, one for your DPS role and another for your Controller role.

      The only way to be the best on your role is that you own the required stats for it.

  81. Marlon

    What is a good weapon to use for gadgets dps? I know it’s personal preference but what are some good burst weapons you suggest using? I tried brawling but it just seems too slow

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Marlon, Brawling is more recommended for PVP. For PVE, i suggest you to use Dual Wield or One Handed, they have fast combos for melee dps.

    2. dcuobloguide Post author

      For PVP, most people use Martial Arts and Brawling. However, i prefer to use One Handed or Dual Wield

  82. craig

    first of all thanks for this guide dude havent been doing any dps before i found this just what should i be putting my skill points in im on martial arts and only have 38 points (low i know) any help would be appreciated not long returned to dcuo after having alot of time off it

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Craig, thanks for your comment. For martial arts you should focus on unlocking: Knee Launch, Cartwheel Kick, Elbow Drop, Spinning Punch (optional), Shuriken Storm, Enhanced Shuriken (optional).

      Because you told me that you have low skill points, i suggest you to avoid the optional skills pointed before.

    2. craig

      cheers dude done that now and for the time being putting pints on might and crit attack just need to build up skill points somehow need to figure out a quick way how to get loads of skill points ill get there eventually thanks for the help already seing a big improvement

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi American Ninja

      It is not needed to match each color socket but you will miss that additional stats if you dont. For Gadget DPS you should focus on: Might | Might & Precision (Red Socket), Might & Health | Might & Dominance (Blue socket), and Might & Power (Yellow Socket)

    2. American Ninja

      Ok thank you. For the red sockets should I put a straight might v expert mod in that one? Then in the yellow and blue sockets put in might + Dom or precision etc…

    3. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi American Ninja

      You must focus all your MODS for getting the more Might you can. As gadget dps you should focus only on Might

  83. nektarios


    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Using your weapon in the rotation will depend on the situation for example if you dont have power and you need to make weapon combos to regenerate power. Neural Neutralizer creates a protective barrier, is usable while controlled , and increases all damage by 50% when used. It is definetly better than Fear Gas which is Vulnerable to Interrupt and only provides 35% damage increasement

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Nektarios, thanks for asking

      For melee you should use Cryo-field instead of Photon Blast.

      The rotation for melee dps is: Intimidation -> Gauss Grenade -> Cryo-foam -> Cryo-field.

      For range dps rotation: Intimidation -> Gauss Grenade -> Cryo-foam -> Photon Blast

      Hope to be helpful 🙂

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Shion

      Neural Neutralizer causes heavy damage to your enemies, increases all damage by 50%, creates a protective barrier, and can be used while controlled. It is a very powerful and helpful power

  84. BOB

    Why does it say 13 points and shows to get cyro-field when you don`t even use it in the loadout,cyro-FOAM comes BEFORE cyro-field.

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Thanks for noted it BOB, Cryo-field can be helpful in PVP, so Cryo-field should replaced Photon Blast which has long cast time.

      However, you can unlock Wisdom of Solomon to permanently gain +50 Vitalization +100 Power instead of Cryo-field

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Jeremy

      Stealth is more useful in PVP than PVE; however, it is only used for losing agro enemies. If you want it to be more efective you need to have a lot of dominance so in controller role is more effective. I prefer martial arts instead of Bow

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