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Ice damagers Harness the power of storms to cause your enemies to ice over and freeze. This power is available for all players for FREE during Character Creation.

Ice DPS guide is updated to GU73. You can check videos from DCUO Youtubers below to learn more about other loadouts and rotations.


This Loadout is focused on Superpowered Playstyle allowing your character to deal heavy damage with Superpowers only. Players must unlock these stat points after unlocking required Weapon Combos (8 Skill Points) and Movement Innates (7 Skill Points)

  • Focus: Superpowered – Use 1 Skill Point
    • Unlock Main Weapon Mastery and Movement Abilities before unlocking this Stat
  • Critical Attack Chance – Use 20 Skill Points
    • Required: 10 Skill Points – Suggested: 15 Skill Points – Recommended: 20 Skill Points
  • Critical Attack Damage – Use 40 Skill Points
    • Required: 10 Skill Points – Suggested: 30 Skill Points – Recommended: 40 Skill Points
  • Might and Power – Use 175 Skill Points
    • Low Skill Points (less than 60): Spend Required skill points in Criticals before unlocking these Stats
    • Mid Skill Points (between 75 and 90): Spend Suggested Skill Points in Criticals before unlocking these Stats
    • Proper Skill Points (more than 100): Spend Recommended Skill Points in Criticals before unlocking these Stats
  • Health – Improve your survival once all Might and Power is unlocked


Click Power Icons to display their Tooltip






  • Short Battle Rotation – 3 or Less NPCs
    • Impaling Ice [3] (needs reload) > Arctic Gust [2] or Snowball [1] 
  • Long Battle Rotation – Multiple NPCs
    • Wintry Tempest [4] (needs reload) > Impaling Ice [3] (needs reload) > Arctic Gust [2] or Snowball [1] 



  • Robot Sidekick [5A] is great for Challenges, Duos or Missions as an additional Damage over Time. Don’t use it if bosses keep destroying it
  • Frost Blast [5B] is viable for Alerts and Raids where a controller keeps you powered up. It is Vulnerable to Interrupt and requires casting time. However, it is the most powerful superpower in the rotation
    • Alerts and Raids Rotation
      • Wintry Tempest [4] (needs reload) > Impaling Ice [3] (needs reload) > Frost Blast [5B] (casting time) > Arctic Gust [2] or Snowball [1] (while Frost Blast [5B] is on cooldown)
  • Reflection [5C] should be used when needing additional protection for Challenges, Duos or Missions
    • Defensive Rotation
      • Reflection [5C] (needs reload) > Impaling Ice [3] (needs reload) > Arctic Gust [2] or Snowball [1] 


  • Blizzard [6A] is recommended to inflict heavy damage to Multiple Enemies
  • Ice Elemental [6B] is recommended for Bosses and Sub-Bosses fights

Rotation Tips

  • Short Battle Rotation and Defensive Rotation allows player to be powered all the time by spending low power in battle
  • Long Battle Rotation has mid-power consumption making it viable for all situations (Challenges, Duos, Missions, Alerts, and Raids)
  • Alerts and Raids Rotation has high-power consumption making it only viable when a controller is in the group.
  • These Rotations focus on dealing heavy damage with Frostbite effects. It is vital to have your enemies Frostbitten all the time (Wintry Tempest [4]Impaling Ice [3] ) in order to deal great damage with Arctic Gust [2]Snowball [1], or Frost Blast [5B]
  • Be careful with Frost Blast [5B] and Arctic Gust [2] (they are Vulnerable to Interrupt). Don’t use them if NPCs interrupt you all the time
  • Keep Impaling Ice [3] effect active all the time to restore Supercharge faster

Tactical MODS

    • Blast Adapter: Weapons attacks blast your target and five other nearby enemies for additional damage
    • Absorption Adapter: Weapon attacks have a chance to activate a shield, reducing damage by 75% until damage equal to 30% of your Health is prevented
  • NECK
    • Escalating Might: Increases your Might by 2% for 8 seconds when you hit an enemy with a harmful super power. Does not work with Supercharge powers
  • BACK
    • Breakout Regeneration: Gain Health regeneration for 4 seconds after using the Breakout ability
    • Berserker: Your damage output increases by an additional 10% when you Health drops below 35%
  • FEET
    • Deadly Block: Your Block Counter causes additional damage equal to 5% of your Precision
    • Explosive Block: Your Block Counter knocks enemies much further away and increases their helpless duration by up to 1 second
    • Core Strength: Gain an additional 2% damage
    • Max Damage: Using super powers increases damage by 2% for a short time (recommended)
    • Empowered Channeling: Channeled super powers are no longer Vulnerable to Interrupt, prevent standard control effects and increase Defense and Toughness by 5% while active.
      • This mod affects: Arctic Gust [2] and Frost Blast [5B] 

Equipmend MODS

    • Might
    • Might & Power
    • Might & Health (improve survival)


Ice Superpowered | Jona Black
Ice SuperPowered and Hybrid | CoDextraPerformance

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270 comments on “Ice DPS Guide
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  1. I like how this website used to explain what each move did instead of just suggesting moves.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Helo John, you can now read the full explanation of the superpower by clicking the superpower icons in the loadout simulator. That is the reason why we dont rewrite the move description 🙁

  2. Hello,

    I appreciate the work you put in on this blog. The tips are really helpful. My toon’s name is Incipidous and I would to share his loadout and rotation here.

    The loadout goes as follows:
    1. Resonating Gale
    2. Ice Boulder Strike
    3. Arctic Gust
    4. Robot Sidekick
    5. Reflection
    6. Ice Elemental

    The rotation goes as follows:
    Before I start a battle, the first thing I do is pop reflection, then powers 1,2,3 (always in that order) until reflection is off cool down.

    So far this is the best rotation I’ve been able to come up with. It’s fast, power efficient and damage effective. On a single sparring target, I consistently achieve at least 5,000/dps. And for multiple sparring targets, at least 10,000/dps. I usually can do the rotation about 4 times before running out of power.
    This the best I can do with a toon sitting at 15,177 might & 17, 373 power.

    Please feel free to critic anything I’ve said here. I’m always looking to get better.

    • After my initial post, I did some more testing. Now my loadout is a little more than before, and I think it’s for the better.

      It is as follows:

      1. Heat vision (boss or single target)
      2. Wintery Tempest
      3. Ice Boulder Strike
      4. Arctic Gust
      5. Reflection
      6. Ice Elemental

      The rotation

      When dealing with a single target or boss, I start with heat vision, followed by 2, 3, 4. Then I spam 3 & 4 until 2 is off cool down.

      When dealing with multiple targets, I do the same rotation, minus heat vision because it doesn’t spread to other targets.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Russ for sharing your loadouts with the guide 🙂

    • Would you agree that Ice dps has been severely nerfed? I’m Still doing more testing. Now I’m using 3 iconic powers.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Well, for what we tested there are other powers that have better burst damage. However, having tons of skill points will improve the damage of any DPS

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