Ice Tank Guide
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Ice Tankers keep the group safe by attracting enemies’ attention by aggravating or taunting and absorbing their attacks. This power is available for all players for FREE during Character Creation.

Ice Tank guide updated to GU47

Statistics Priority

  • Dominance: Dominance makes your effects, like stuns, knocks, and pulls, work on enemies.
  • Health: Health measures ability to withstand knockout
  • Power: Required to use super-powers in your loadout
  • Defense: Defense reduces damage from non-player enemies. (71 defense=1% damage reduction).
  • Toughness: Toughness reduces damage from players enemies. (71 Toughness =1% damage reduction).

Power Points Build


Ice Tank Loadout


  1. Inescapable Storm: Engulf your target and nearby enemies with a concentrated storm, damaging and dragging them toward you. Inflicts Frostbite to make enemies vulnerable to freezing effects
  2. Reflection: Surround yourself with the essence of ice, causing damage to nearby enemies. Some damage from the next three attacks will be directed back at your attacker. Grants Chill Effect; Gaining five consecutive Chill Effect activates Ice Armor; while imbued with Chill Effects, enemies that hit you may become rooted, while rooted enemies may be encased. (usable while controlled)
  3. Bitter Winds: Creates a whirling aura of wind and ice, juggling and scouring nearby enemies while protecting you from damage for a short time. Inflicts Frostbite to make enemies vulnerable to freezing effects. +10% Control Resistance.
  4. Shatter Restraints: Use the unstoppable power of ice to gain resistance against control effects, and to prevent incoming damage for a short time. Enemies with Frostbite may be rooted in place and form an Icy Field damaging nearby enemies. Provides immunity to control effects and removes control debuffs to you and up to 7 teammates. (usable while controlled)
  5. Winter Ward: Surround yourself in a shield of ice, freeing yourself from control effects. For a short time, you are protected from damage, and some damage is directed back at your attacker. Provides immunity to control effects and removes control debuffs to you and up to 7 teammates. For a short time, you and up to 3 teammates are protected from damage, and some damage is directed back at attackers. (usable while controlled)
  6. Hard-Light Shield: Encase yourself in a shield that prevents most incoming damage. This is considered a Healing type shielding effect

Ice Tank Tips

  • In the Tank role, Dominance is increased by 100%. Using normal powers increases your Defense and Toughness by 90%.
  • Defense and Toughness are the most important statistics of Ice Tanks so try to unlock as much of them as you can from Weapon Trees
  • Pull multiple enemies with “Inescapable Storm [1]” and use it to keep your aggro increasing.
  • Dominance will empower your “Winter Ward [5]” shield of ice and avoid you to be controlled.
  • Keep “Reflection [2]” active all the time
  • Blocking and managing power’s cooldown will ensure your survival
  • By using Regenerative Shielding tactical mod “Hard-Light Shield [6]” and “Reflection [2]” will additionaly heal yourself
  • Some players prefer having Ice Elemental in their loadout, they can use it instead of “Hard-Light Shield [6]”

Equipmend MODS

  • Red Socket
    • Dominance & Precision
  • Yellow Socket
    • Restoration
  • Blue Socket
    • Dominance (improve survival and control effects)

Tactical MODS (Lair System Required)

  • Weapon: Absorption Adapter
  • Neck: Fortified Blocking
  • Back: Weakening Field
  • Feet: Deadly Block
  • Chest: Reserve Tank
  • Hands: Regenerative Shielding

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191 comments on “Ice Tank Guide
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  1. Msapp1991
    | Reply

    Thanks for this build. It will surely help me get back in the game. I have not played in some time so this was very helpful to me. I have a couple questions?

    First: How up to date is this build? Is it still viable?
    Second: If it isn’t recent, when will it be updated?
    Third: If it is out of date what changes should I adjust if I try to go this rout?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Msapp, there havent been any updates on powers which is why there havent been any updates on our guides. We are waiting for stats revamp to hit public servers 🙂

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