Munitions Controller Guide
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Munitions players Lay waste to the battlefield and any enemies that happen to be there with military-grade ordnance!. This power is available by buying it from Marketplace with 600 Station Cash.

Munitions Controller guide is updated to GU73. You can check videos from DCUO Youtubers below to learn more about other loadouts and rotations.


As a Controller, players can focus on Superpowered or Hybrid Playstyle. They must unlock these stat points after unlocking required Weapon Combos, Weapon Mastery Combos and Movement Innates (7 Skill Points)

  • Focus: Superpowered (Recommended) or Focus: Hybrid – Use 1 Skill Point
    • Unlock Weapon Mastery Combos and Movement Abilities before unlocking this Stat
  • Critical Power Chance – Use 20 Skill Points
  • Critical Power Magnitude – Use 10 Skill Points
  • Might & Power – 50% of your Skill Points
    • Required for improving Power Pool to sustain in long battles
  • Vitalization – 50% of your Skill Points
    • Required for improving Power Healing effects
  • Dominance
    • Spend 5 Skill Points before going Full Might & Power and Vitalization to gain Dominance percentage increase


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  • Controllers’ Power over Time is triggered by any superpower.
  • Reload [4] Group Power Heal prioritize allies with the lowest percent power
  • Reload [4] Group Weapon Buff prioritize allies with the highest percent power.
  • Controllers have the main task of debuffing Bosses and NPCs which is why this loadout has all Controller Debuffs
    • Smoke Grenade Launcher [3]: it is important to keep your enemies Defense Debuff with this superpower. This will let your allies damage them harder. It also stuns enemies
    • Multi-Net Launcher [2]: some Instance Mechanics allow Bosses to be healed during battle which is when this superpower works as a Healer Debuff.
    • Shrapnel Grenade Launcher [1]:  this Damage Debuff will protect your Tank by decreasing the damage output of your target. This is recommended to be used on Bosses all the timeThis superpower is also your Supercharge Generator
  • As a Controller, you have to be always available to raise fallen group members. For this task, Survival [5] grants you a protector Shield
  • For Controllers, Hand Blasters and Dual Pistols are the most recommended weapons. However, players can still use the weapon best suits them

Tactical MODS

    • Replenishing Adapter: Weapon attacks restore additional power. This effect may only occur once every 20 seconds
  • NECK
    • Escalating Replenishing Procs: Increases your Critical Power Chance by 5% for 6 seconds when you use Reload [4] Group Power Heal
  • BACK
    • Breakout Regeneration: Gain Health regeneration for 4 seconds after using the Breakout ability
    • Violent Breakout: Using your Breakout ability causes enemies to be violently knocked down and away from you. The same enemy may only be affected once every 30 seconds
  • FEET
    • Explosive Block: Your Block Counter knocks enemies much further away and increases their helpless duration by up to 1 second
    • Reserve Tank: Increases your maximum Power pool by 5%
    • Max Damage: Using super powers increases damage by 2% for a short time
    • Regenerative Shielding: Heal yourself when using a Shield super power

Equipment MODS

    • Might & Power
    • Vitalization & Power
    • Dominance & Power

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33 comments on “Munitions Controller Guide
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  1. Couldn't think of a good name

    What trinkets should I be using/ should I be using the supply drop?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Couldnt, it is recommended that you use Supply Drop, Henchmen, and Orbital Strike trinkets

  2. Munitions Troll

    Hey I’ve been wondering since you responded to triller about munitions I was curious as to how you can be more of a damaging troll as munitions? It seems to me I’m using my always limited power keeping the groups power up and putting on debuffs. I feel like I have no power to be used for using smoke launcher and rocket launcher because I am using my power mainly on POT and power dumping. It seems that I never have enough to play the “power returning” troll and the “debuff and CC” troll help or advice would be appreciated thanks

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      When i said munitions is a damaging troll is because some of its debuff power inflict cast damage instead of heavily crowd controll enemies. However, this doesnt mean you will deal heavy damage with munitions and you still need to focus on powering over time your allies and only using your debuffs when you are able to do it. Controllers can reduce power cost by using superpowers after a successful weapon mastery combo. Using weapon attacks to increase hit counter fast will also recover power to your character.

      In other words, as a controller you should use your POT, Instant Power buff, and then use your weapon attacks to increase hit counter

  3. The Best Troll Ever

    I keep hearing that munitions is more of a damaged. Does this devalue your character in raids such as hall of hades where you have to stun the enemies against the forge spirit? Or is munitions simply not as useful as a quantum troll? Thanks

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Thebesttrollever, all powers are great for dps and its role. However, some powers are better than others. For example, quantum is a great controller because it has great crowd control powers but most of munitions powers debuffs doesnt deal great crowd control but it inflict a little more damage because its casting mechanic.

      Controllers main task is to Power over time allies and using instant power buff to keep allies powered all the time. Munitions and all controller powers can be great in this task which is the most important part of being a controller. But if you ask me i will prefer Quantum over Munitions always 🙁

  4. Triller master race

    Hey thanks for all the builds. I have read almost all of your builds because they are so informative. I had a question about munitions. What are the stuns for munitions specifically and how to use them in for example hall of hades. Thanks again

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Triller, munitions controller is considered a damage dealer rather than a crowd controller. Quantum for example has most of its superpower with great crowd control interaction.

      For Munitions, Laser Net Launcher is the only superpower that grounds your target so you must use it. The other superpowers such as Smoke Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher will knock down or stun your targets

    • One clarification. Laser net is a single targget, while multi net does the same to more targets and has a secondary advantage of being a pull. I am a munitions DPS most of the time but when I troll I have used multi net and it stuns them for so long my team mates can take them down with out getting damaged.

  5. FullMetal Jacket

    So I’ve been leveling a munitions character for a little bit now and while I’m not quite 30 I should be there rather soon, and I have a question about your load out.

    Are you not able to take chain grenade launcher instead of laser net launcher since they both give the group power over time, as well as use Multi net launcher over rocket launcher since they both reduce the targets ability to heal, except multi net launcher isn’t vulnerable to interupt. If you can make these swaps, then you only need to buy chain grenade launcher from the guts section, saving 3 power points that can be spent on iconic powers or something to help dps, or survivability.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Fullmetal thanks for your question. As a controller the most important thing is to be able to use POT, Instant Power, defense debuff, damage debuff, and healing debuff. Each controller power has 2 powers for each debuff so using any of them will be great. We recommed this loadout because it is the most used in game and also help you inflict damage and crowd control your enemies. But your loadout seems great and you should try it out 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your amazing loadout with us. We will soon update some guides for GU51 and if it is necessary will may need to update munitions too 🙂

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