Munitions DPS Guide
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Munitions players Lay waste to the battlefield and any enemies that happen to be there with military-grade ordnance!. This power is available by buying it from Marketplace with 600 Station Cash.

Munitions DPS guide is updated to GU73. You can check videos from DCUO Youtubers below to learn more about other loadouts and rotations.


This Loadout is focused on Superpowered Playstyle allowing your character to deal heavy damage with Superpowers only. Players must unlock these stat points after unlocking required Weapon Combos (8 Skill Points) and Movement Innates (7 Skill Points)

  • Focus: Superpowered – Use 1 Skill Point
    • Unlock Main Weapon Mastery and Movement Abilities before unlocking this Stat
  • Critical Attack Chance – Use 20 Skill Points
    • Required: 10 Skill Points – Suggested: 15 Skill Points – Recommended: 20 Skill Points
  • Critical Attack Damage – Use 40 Skill Points
    • Required: 10 Skill Points – Suggested: 30 Skill Points – Recommended: 40 Skill Points
  • Might and Power – Use 175 Skill Points
    • Low Skill Points (less than 60): Spend Required skill points in Criticals before unlocking these Stats
    • Mid Skill Points (between 75 and 90): Spend Suggested Skill Points in Criticals before unlocking these Stats
    • Proper Skill Points (more than 100): Spend Recommended Skill Points in Criticals before unlocking these Stats
  • Health – Improve your survival once all Might and Power is unlocked


Click Power Icons to display their Tooltip






  • Solo Rotation
    • Shrapnel Grenade Launcher [1] > Smoke Grenade Launcher [4] > Five-Barrel Minigun [2] > Chain Gun [3]
  • Alerts & Raids Rotation
    • Shrapnel Grenade Launcher [1] > Smoke Grenade Launcher [4] > Mini-Nuke [5]Five-Barrel Minigun [2] > Chain Gun [3]


  • Neo-Venom Boost [6A] improves your damage output power which is recommended for heavily damage Bosses and Sub-Bosses
  • Biggun [6B] is recommended to inflict heavy damage to Multiple Enemies. This supercharge is great for Solo Situations

Rotation Tips

  • Solo Rotation allows player to deal heavy burst damage on your enemies but it required a lot of power.
    • It is recommended to wait for power to be restored before engaging another battle
  • Alerts and Raids Rotation has high-power consumption making it only viable when a controller is in the group.
  • These Rotations focus on dealing heavy damage with Burn effects. It is vital to have your enemies Burned all the time (Shrapnel Grenade Launcher [1]) in order to deal great damage with Smoke Grenade Launcher [4]Mini-Nuke [5]Five-Barrel Minigun [2], and Chain Gun [3]
  • Be careful with Five-Barrel Minigun [2], and Chain Gun [3] (they are Vulnerable to Interrupt).

Tactical MODS

    • Blast Adapter: Weapons attacks blast your target and five other nearby enemies for additional damage
    • Absorption Adapter: Weapon attacks have a chance to activate a shield, reducing damage by 75% until damage equal to 30% of your Health is prevented
  • NECK
    • Escalating Might: Increases your Might by 2% for 8 seconds when you hit an enemy with a harmful super power. Does not work with Supercharge powers
  • BACK
    • Breakout Regeneration: Gain Health regeneration for 4 seconds after using the Breakout ability
    • Berserker: Your damage output increases by an additional 10% when you Health drops below 35%
  • FEET
    • Deadly Block: Your Block Counter causes additional damage equal to 5% of your Precision
    • Explosive Block: Your Block Counter knocks enemies much further away and increases their helpless duration by up to 1 second
    • Core Strength: Gain an additional 2% damage
    • Max Damage: Using super powers increases damage by 2% for a short time (recommended)
    • Empowered Channeling: Channeled super powers are no longer Vulnerable to Interrupt, prevent standard control effects and increase Defense and Toughness by 5% while active.
      • This mod affects: Mass Detonation [4B]Fireburst [2], and Flame Cascade [1]

Equipmend MODS

    • Might
    • Might & Power
    • Might & Health (improve survival)


Raid - Munitions DPS Loadout | Partho Sarathi
Munitions Superpowered | Jona Black
Munitions Superpowered | CoDextraPerformance

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151 comments on “Munitions DPS Guide
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  1. JohnRambo

    Hi there i have some questions to ask.
    Can i use mounted turret instead of Biggun?
    And my loadout is Killer Instincts, Chain Grenade Launcher, Railguns, Five Barrel Minigun, Shrapnel Grenade Launcher and Mounted Turret. Is it good the loadout or i must change something? I would like your opinion about my loadout. Thanks for your time!!! And you have awsome bloguide!

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello JohnRambo, thanks for your comment. Biggun deals greater damage than Mounted Turret, reaching almost 100K damage with CR 114. I would recommend you to change Chain Grenade Launcher with 50 Cal so you get benefit from Advanced Mechanics and also Burn your enemies.

      Hope this answers your questions and thanks for your support

  2. GhostKiller_4180

    Ive been dying to make a munition DPS but see i have a bit of a problems guys, look guys i use a lot of your load outs and their amazing but i would like to know whats a great primary weapon for this?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Ghostkiller, thanks for your comment and support 🙂
      Munitions is mostly about using your superpowers to inflict heavy might damage with advanced mechanics. However, for a weapon i personally use Dual Wield for the fast hit counter increase but Rifle can be great too because it also let you increase hit counter fast and recover power and rifle’s combos help you move Front and Back so in hard times it could be helpful to get far away from enemies.

      In my opinion, Munitions deals heavy damage but you need a weapon capable of increase hit counter so you recover power fast to keep using your advanced mechanics

  3. cj Stolte

    Ok so why breakout regen rather than the usual weakening field?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Cj, thanks for your comment. Weakening field only works on enemy players so unless you PVP in WORLD ZONE that wont help at all to your DPS 🙁

  4. Black Wulf

    I have a few questions…first, do we know which does more damage, burning or gravaton charge…..second, it seems like ‘splosion works a lot like gadgets EMP(pop a a few powers, hit emp after for massive damage) do we know if shrapnel grenade launcher does the same thing?
    You guys are great and well in the know of the game, the time and effort you all put into this site is awesome. Thank you guys for everything and please keep up the good work. I look forward to reading the control guide for this power.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Black Wulf, we already have a complete Graviton Charged loadout being tested. Splosion deals greater damage than Shrapnel Grenade Launcher but it has a very low range so it is only recommended for melee loadouts.
      We will update this guide as soon as we find a better one, we are currently testing it in high level content.7

      Thanks for your support and we are glad to provide you the best information to all of our readers 🙂

  5. Ok I have a few questions and 1 suggestion

    Why continue the rotation without 50 cal when it’s the highest damaging move in the loadout?

    Rocket seems like one of the lowest damaging moves in th guts tree so why use it instead of something like chain gun?

    Is the robot sidekick useless for munitions?

    Suggestion:Take rocket launcher out and replace with robot

    Killer Instincts (1)
    50 Cal.(2)
    Shrapnel Grenade Laucher(3)
    Five Barrel Minigun(4)
    Repeat main rotation without killer instinct until cooldown

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks The Wannabe Newbie for your suggestion, we created this guide according to our brief experience in Munitions and some running in Raids. We will be glad having players like you sharing your experience with us so we can test your loadouts and prepared a better Munitions DPS Guide in the future that has all players experience 🙂

      Robot Sidekick fits great in the munitions Loadout. However, we are trying to promote a guide where can be great at melee and range situations and also having 2 power points for DPS Iconics critical damage improvement. Also in T6 Content, Robot doesnt last long because it gets continuously killed by adds so some players prefer avoiding Robot in their loadouts.

      Personally i think robot is deals good damage over time but it will be a personal choice for players to do

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