Rage Tank Guide


Rage players eradicate their enemies  through blind rage. This power is available by acquiring ”War of the Light: Part 1” DLC. and is the 12th DCUO power set.

Rage Tank guide updated to GU46

Stat Priority

  • Dominance: Dominance makes your effects, like stuns, knocks, and pulls, work on enemies
  • Restoration: Restoration increases healing
  • Health: Health measures ability to withstand knockout
  • Defense: Defense reduces damage from non-player enemies. (71 defense=1% damage reduction).
  • Toughness: Toughness reduces damage from players enemies. (71 Toughness =1% damage reduction).

Power Points Build


Rage Tank Loadout


  1. Ragebringer: Smother your target and nearby enemies in rage energy, damaging and dragging them toward you. You receive healing equal to a portion of the damage dealt.
  2. Violence: Damages and knocks down nearby enemies. You are left with a scouring aura that damages enemies that dare to get close to you. While the effects of this ability are active, damage caused by Rage Crash is significantly reduced.
    • Remorseless Recovery: You receive healing equal to a portion of the damage dealt to enemies from your weapon attacks or Rage CombosWhile the effects of this ability are active, damage caused by Rage Crash is significantly reduced
  3. Severe Punishment: heals back all damage taken for 8 seconds, after which you suffer from Rage Crash causing all healed damage to instantly return. You gain +10% Control Resistance and +10% Health. (usable while controlled)
  4. Ire: Focus your seething anger, freeing yourself from control effects and healing yourself instantly. Provides immunity to control effects and removes control debuffs to you and up to 7 teammates. (usable while controlled)
  5. Without Mercy: cause you to punch a void of mercy beneath your feet. Enemies caught in the void are damaged, knocked down and pulled toward its center. You receive healing equal to a portion of the damage dealt. (usable while controlled)
  6. Eviscerating Chain: Damages and pulls your enemy toward you, if the target is bellow 35% health, it deals extra damage. Rage Combo [Hold Melee] Eviscerate: Slash your target dealing damage, stunning and juggling it. (Vulnerable to Block). (While performing this attack or combo, damage caused by Rage Crash is ignored).

Rage Tank Tips

  • In the Tank role, Dominance is increased by 100%. Using super powers increases your total Health by two-thirds of your Dominance for each nearby enemy.
  • Pull multiple enemies with “Ragebringer [1]” and use it to keep your aggro increasing or “Without Mercy [5]” to pull nearby enemies to your center.
  • “Ragebringer [1]”, “Without Mercy [5]”, and “Ire [4]” effects can heal yourself instantly.
  • “Severe Punishment [3]” will cause Rage Crash after 8 seconds. Activate Eviscerating Chain and its Rage Combo immediately after the Rage mode ends in order to prevent the Rage Crash Damage.
  • While “Violence [2]” and “Remorseless Recovery [2A]” effects are active, damage caused by Rage Crash is significantly reduced.
    • “Violence [2]” is recommended for tanks that wants to block constantly, nearby enemies will be hit by Violence aura and increase aggro (recommended for safer tanking)
    • “Remorseless Recovery [2A]” is recommended for tanks that wants to deal damage with their weapon or “Eviscerating Chain [6]” and get heal by damage done
  • Rage Tanks must choose between “Violence [2]” or “Remorseless Recovery [2A]”  depending if they want to block constantly or get heal by weapon and combo attacks.
  • Activate “Violence [2]” or “Remorseless Recovery [2A]” clipped with “Severe Punishment [3]” in order to significantly reduced Rage Crash damage

Tactical MODS (Home Turf required)

  • Weapon: Absorption Adapter
  • Neck: Fortified Blocking
  • Back: Weakening Field
  • Feet: Deadly Block or Explosive Block
  • Chest: Reserve Tank
  • Hands: Max Damage

Equipmend MODS

  • Red Socket
    • Dominance & Precision
  • Yellow Socket
    • Dominance & Power
  • Blue Socket
    • Dominance
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74 thoughts on “Rage Tank Guide

  1. Galaxy prime

    Hi i need help i have recently switched from ice tank to rage tank. Im 111CR with 120sp and my loadout is as follows ragebringer, SP, without mercy, E chains, violence and ire. Im getting smashed up in HoH and throne of dead i dnt even have a chance to block plus even wen enreaged if a add hits me 4 15k plus im dead before rage crash even happens. Am i not blocking enuf? Is my SP to low? Have i got the wrong loadout? Plz help me!

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Galaxy, in my experience using Remorseless Recovery instead of Violence for these raids is better. You cant block all the time because adds will break your block if you do it so as a rage tank you must attack and recover health with Remorseless Recovery and before rage crash comes you must use Eviscerating Chains.

      Also use Without Mercy anytime you can so your enemies will be in the air crowd controlled for a while. You also must use Without Mercy after using Eviscerating Chains (to avoid rage crash) so in the 2 seconds without your Severe Punishment effect, your enemies will be crowd control and you will be healed a little

      I have hardly tank those raids with CR 98 Equipment and fully modded so i have CR 112 adding up all maybe you need a higher CR Equipment. Hope this helps you with your tanking rotation. HOH will be easy by doing this. However, TOD is harder and you may need a better gear and cr 113 to become a little but easier:)

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Deontre, this is the main rotation for rage tank:
      1. Always enter any fight with Remorseless Recovery (While this is active, damage caused by Rage Crash is significantly reduced) clipped with Severe Punishment (this is the core of your tanking because all damage will be healed for 8 seconds)
      2. Then use Without Mercy or Ragebringer to grab enemies aggro
      3. Deal damage with your weapon attacks to recover health with Remorseless Recovery effect (this allows you to be a battle tank so you dont have to block all the time)
      4. Use Eviscerating Chain before Severe Punishment healing is out to avoid Rage Crash (this is only necessary if you consider that you suffered enough damage that must be full mitigated)
      5. And then repeat the rotation by using Remorseless Recovery clipped with Severe Punishment

      Hope this clears your mind and helps you with your Rage Tank

  2. RedFury

    Hey would u plz tell me the powers just the powers for Rage Tank PvP Loadout and i will figure out the rotation myself

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Redfury, i recommend you to use Remorseless Recovery to recover health with your weapon attacks. The rest of the loadout will be the same for me. Your winning chances will depend on your weapon attacks, blocking, and interrupting. Only use your superpowers to heal you a little and keep active Remorseless Recovery for getting healed with every weapon hit you make

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Sheild, choosing a weapon for tank is more a personal choice. Brawling can be great for tanking it inflicts heavy damage and weapon mastery combo like Doom Spin can inflict damage to multiple enemies at the same time.

  3. Steve

    Just curios why tanks now a days seem to be running with without mercy instead of ferocity as a second CC break. I have also seen elites use without mercy with both CC breaking powers but not having violence or remorseless recovery as rage crash mitigators. What’s the fad with this power that tanks are risking crashing to use it ? It’s a neat animation but I haven’t seen the big draw on it. Some insite to what I’m missing would be great. I personally use 3 cc breaks and a mitigators just in case.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Steve, there are several ways for Rage Tanking. Some prefer to have 2 CC break to always being able to avoid rage crashing with full mitigators (Eviscerating Chain) rather than partial mitigators (Violence or Remorseless Recovery). In T6 Raids, Tanks are being attacked from multiple enemies (more than 7 adds + boss) so the possibility of rage crashing is higher than other raids.

      I prefer have 1 cc, 1 partial mitigator, and 1 full mitigator for any situation.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello BerserkerX, One Handed, Dual Wield, Staff, or any other weapon that hits his target and also nearby enemies

  4. Riddix

    Took me about 1 week to get my Rage tank to 110ish. With 150 sp (from another toon using replay badges) I decided to try tank for the first time and feel quite successful with a certain loadout.

    Ragebringer | Eviscerating Chain | Ferocity | Severe Punishment | Ire | Vindictive

    To explain:
    The more skills you use in a crowd of mobs, the more health you stack. Ragebringer/clip/Severe Punishment is how i start a fight, once they land or come at me, at SPs 6 o’clock, i’ll hit either Ferocity or Ire and then Eviscerating Chain to cancel Rage Crash. That’s 4 skills, 5 would be ideal but it works out fine for me. Can constantly rotate Ferocity and Ire. Vindictive is for those o’snap moments when your controller is down and your sodas are on cd. Vindictive cancels your Rage Crash in a second and click again to cancel it (to save supercharge). Save your energy just for SP until things are up and running again.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thank you so much Riddix for sharing your experience with the guide. Im sure your comment will help others in Rage Tanking

    2. Hot sizzle

      Hey I’m a rage tank. But resto does nothing for rage. I have 130 sp. resto is benefiting for shields and healing moves. Rage is based on a PORTION of how much damage is DEALT and it absorbs.(SEE RAGE BRINGER AND WITHOUT MERCY). I would swap might over resto. RESTO is also good for shields but we don’t run any. Rage is meant to be an attacking power spamming your powers to increase your health tremendously and heal yourself based off how much damage u deal or absorb. Resto benefits fire ice and earth tanks to increase the effectiveness if their shields. Fire tanks heals itself with no requirement which resto is required. Earth and ice tanks rely on shields which resto is required. Rage heals itself based on how much u hit the target for and how much damage u took. Resto does not apply to that. There is a mass confusion that rage needs resto. I reassure you this cannot be true. I used to think the same thing back then. Now I know better. Good stuff other wise. No disrespect. With your load outs and spec. Just clearing the air.

    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thank you so much Hot Sizzle for sharing your experience and thoughts with us. It is nice to have players willing to explain others how to be greater with their powers :)

    4. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      According to the situation using weapon mastery to reduce your power consumption will be great :)

  5. Aman

    i used to had ire in my loadout but i noticed in League hall and other alerts and raids that it just heals very little. is it like slowly healing or heals the damage i do or what? because once i was low on health i used it and it healed very little so i used severe punishment and then healer healed me up too but didnt really got to know ire so can you explain it a little?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Aman, Ire is a helpful tank buff that allows you to free yourself from control effects and Provides immunity to control effects and removes control debuffs to you and up to 7 teammates. The real usage for Ire is the buff not the healing because it is too low.

      As a rage tank your survival depend on how you avoid ragecrash. You can use Violence + Severe Punishment for blocking all the time or you can be a battle tank with Remorseless Recovery + Severe Punishment but you will need to deal heavy damage to your enemies for getting healed back and use Eviscerating Chain for avoiding rage crash damage

      The whole point of being rage tank is using wisely Severe Punishment and avoiding rage crash. I hope this answer your questions :) We are glad to be helpful

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Rage Boy, this build and loadout are meant to be used by both superpower. The difference is which rage tanking mechanics want to be The defensive tank (keep blocking all the time, safer way) or The battle tank (deal damage with your weapon and rage combos to avoid Rage Crash, risky way).

      I personaly prefer the defensive tank but it is your choise. Rage tanks are the only ones able to be a Battle Tank just like Celestial are the only ones able to be a Battle Healer

  6. eloy

    Do you guys know if violence has the same lasting time and the same percentage in rage crash reduction as galling eruption?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      I personally use Violence in Raids and it highly reduce rage crash damage while im safe blocking. I find it more efficient than Galling Eruption because Violence inflicts damage to nearby enemies as an aura and costs less power.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Carmon, Ferocity was used before to increase Rage Tank damage and get healed by Remorseless Recovery. We just updated this guide to GU44 where Ferocity is replaced by Ire for healing :)

  7. Eddie

    Hey another question here, i was reading the tactical mods and noticed that for your guide it says in the back slot to use weakening field. After reading the tooltip for that mod though it says enemy “players” that attack you have their resistance to control affects reduced. does that also apply to enemy npc’s? and would it be better to use breakout protection or breakout regeneration if it is weakening field does not apply to npcs?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      You are right Eddie, Weakening Field Tactical MOD only affects Players. You should choose Breakout Regeneration for getting some health back as a tank :)

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Christian, you need to spend your skill points in trees that gives you the most dominance and health statistics. You can check our Weapon Guides to know more about their statistics and recommendations for spending skill points in them http://dcuobloguide.com/traits/weapons/

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Raging, for CR 108 and 2160 Dominance you can easily tank T6 Alerts. However, Raids will be a little challenge for you now :)

  8. Eddie

    I am wanting to ask if there is an optimal way to balance the generator mods along with the equipment mods? Like would it be wise to go all out dominance generator mods and then focus restoration mods for yellow slots in equipment or vice versa?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Eddie, it is wise that you treat your generator mods as an additional MODS slots. Your gear must be equipped with the best MODS for your role. In fact, people in your group will inspect you or watch over you in CENSUS app so if they see some strange mods in your equipment, it will mess their minds and criticize your experience (some people can be very rude :( ).

      Moreover, it is hard to get the exact generator mods for do what you want to try because their loot are very rare, unless you buy it with marks of fury which is recommended to do when you already have all last TIER and MODS

  9. xCatfish79X

    I just recently got the Rage power DLC, and so far I like it a lot. Had to tweek the loadouts a little cause the ones I researched here for some reason didn’t work for me. Now, my question is this. In the past I have heard it was bad for the Tank to do more damage than DPS…is that true? I use the Energy Blast weapon and it seems to keep enough agro for me; do you think I should switch it up?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello xCatfish79x, tanks are used to get aggro with superpowers and then block all incoming attacks so you will resist enemies damage. Being a Tank wont let you deal great damage because your role centers only in getting aggro and block because if you attack your enemies attacks will hit you hard (especially in T6 Content).

      Rage Blast is amazing but it only get 1 enemies aggro in high content you will need to get multiple targets aggro so Ragebringer and Without Mercy are great at it. With GU43 we are updating most of our guides and this will be one of them, stay tuned :)

  10. RaneHollowell

    I have a question for aoe as a tank how dose hand blasters work for most part or is it kinda not a tank use wep far as a rage user, I have been trying many builds but still so not got hang of it yet and my load out gets me killed a lot and i tried this one as well as top player builds idk if my timing or what but pritty hard stuff to pull most times

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello RaneHollowell, hand blaster is considered a great weapon for DPS but for Tank using their powerful combos will get you interrupt and possible knock you out. One handed, Staff, Dual Wield, Brawling are considered great weapons for tanks because most of their melee attacks hits multiple enemies so you can get more aggro

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      For tanking, it is recommended to have a weapon with fast hit such as One Handed, Staff, Dual Wield, because you get aggro every time you hit your enemies. Using Two Handed, your movements are powerful but slow and the only fast combo that hits multiple enemies is Doom Spin :(

  11. DCLord

    Yea i dont tank but as a rage dps i focused on precision & restoration as an experiment & its great, im usually right next to the tank, just shredding into the enemy like a wild dog lol, as long as i dont get staggered & rage crash, but earlier when our tank fell, i actually held aggro long enough for them to pick him up & heal.. its a little unorthodox but i feel unique out there & land top damage

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks DCLord for sharing this comment. I personally like dealing melee damage with the Rage character and with Bloodlust i can be near without fearing im gonna die hehe

  12. MissDuq

    Hi, I have two questions about the rage tank.. Sorry for the long questions..

    Is it important to increase Healing Crit and Restoration for rage tank?
    Because I find that Without Mercy just heals by how much you hit, but skills like Remorseless Recovery seems depends on Restoration.. if they are needed, so which one is more important in Healing Crit or Restoration?
    (p.s. I just switch a character from healer to tank and I am still wearing healer equipment..I don’t if it is a bug or not but I am having very high Restoration with my rage tank)

    The second question is about Severe Punishment, I love to use this but I found that it is very difficult to know when the Rage Crash will be come, besides of the sound (like heart pumping), are there any counter or tricks that I can noticed that a Rage Crash will be come?

    Thanks for helping me.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello MissDuq, for some Tanks having heal statistics grant they more survival in T6 Alerts. However, it is not a necessary way to build your skills. We just try to recommend tell players what skills could they unlock to complete the 20 skill points and being able to unlocked the Mastery.

      About Sever Punishment, you will need a lot of practice to manage the rage crash timing. Besides of the sound, you can see a red bubble of blood (coming out from your chest) pomping with the sound, but it is also difficult to see if you are surround by enemies. The recommended way to know when you are going to rage crash is with the sound and you have to master it :)

      I hope this answer your questions, Good Luck

    2. Kaizz

      In regards to to Severe Punishment, I’ve been practicing counting in my head, listening to the sound, all while tanking, and while it helped, that won’t help everyone. I suggest activating Outrage when the Cooldown timer on SP is at the 7-9 o’clock position. In case that was confusing, you know how there’s a sort of “line” on your cooldowns, saying when they’ll be ready? When that line is between the 7-9 o’clock position, use your Outrage combo. Helps me alot.

    3. Samuel A

      yes there are. Firstly, u want dominance FIRST. Remorse recovery heals u for the damage dealt…restoration doesnt help this. Secondly if u cant hear the heartbeat for rage crash…look at the cooldown. once its at about 9 oclock OR 3/4 activate your ignore move

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Drakhanis, i prefer dps over other roles especially rage dps, when you master the rage crash you will be unstoppable :)

  13. Devon Howard

    I don’t see why they would be a blue light in the upcoming dlc for blue has no offensive powers…I believe party two would probably be greed and the third part would be white( hero) and black( villain)… greed would be fun but the only problem is that it’s immune to green and there is only one ring so idk how it would play out

  14. Marorin

    Wanted to ask this for a while but I’ve recently switched from HL to Rage. Loving tanking but I’m having some problems with Themyscyra Divided,, I was wondering if you had any tips for if you were caught and knock downed during a fight? Not to mention tips for a fight that takes a long time?

    1. Marorin

      Also wanted to ask if there’s another loadout that doesn’t perhaps rely on Vindicate? Always been ahast towards supercharges.

    2. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Marorin, thanks for asking. This recommend build is based on using Severe Punishment only when needed. The advantage of being Rage Tank is that you can heal all damage received but you need to be careful with Rage Crash. When im tanking i start with Ragebringer and block. In T6 Alert mobs hurt like a hell so let your role play your part just get agroo and block.

      When you see that you are receiving too much damage use Severe Punishment and block then use Eviscerating Chain to avoid Rage Crash.

      My rotation for those hard moments is: Ragebringer – Violence – Severe Punishment – Block – Eviscerating Chain (to avoid rage crash). You can also unlock and use Redirected Rage to have a shield protection instead of Ferocity

      I hope this answer your questions.

    3. johnnyblade9000

      i dont use there loadout but do well on t6 stuff igt knocked down alot but get rightup sometimes im up befor i hit the ground i use the flight power breakout skill or a trinket has it to then go into a block or pull i go downwhen i get a attack blocked get your sp up get some more dom

  15. Donovan

    Can u tell me why u use one handed because it doesn’t give defense or toughness. If its because of the stuns would u recommend brawling and two handed too? I know dominance and health are more important, but that’s why u’d use staff. I use dual wield and one handed too much and was thinking about trying brawling/two handed.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Donovan, we try to recommend the best weapons for every role in game but it doesn’t mean you cant use another one. I recommend One Handed because its combos are easy to manage and damage multiple targets at the same time which is helpful to maintain agro. On the other hand, Brawling combos does not hit multiple targets and is very slow weapon but you can use it if you want :)

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Marcus, thanks for your comment. We try to take advantage of Tank Buffs and Sever punishment healing to tank in this loadout. However, you can unlock and use Redirected Rage to have a shield protection instead of Ferocity

    2. Nirrad

      Look I have never seen these guys say anything but 1 handed.

      except for range then hand blasters always.

      for a range tank multi hitting is a must you want easy aoe take staff easy multi hits unlike 1h you have a bigger selection of aoe’s you have 360 radial dmg vs a 45 cone.

      staff also offers a better weapon mastery like the 1h cone these guys are in love with and the rifles mortar shot.

      staff has def which is more important to this build then stated as without a sizable precision score your combo dmg will be lacking so as will some of your hp recovery. damage mitigation will be more nessary.

      remember if you have to choose between 100 more hp or 50 def take the def you can get back the 100 hp but absorbing even 1% damage will save you faster than 100 hp as a heal tank.

  16. Steven Tisdol

    So I decided to switch over to tank because to try a new role ( I’ve healed and trolled enough). I have a staff as my weapon and I have this load out. What would be the rotation while using this load out. Also would this take me completely out of the fight as far as contributing to dmage or are there other powers I could you to still play my role as a tank and do enough damage to be useful?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Steven Tisdol thanks for asking. For Tanking is hard to declare a rotation to follow. That is why we put Rage Tank tips where we try to explain players how to use recommended super-powers. It is also hard to contribute to damage while you are tanking because most of the time you still need to block to mitigate enemies damage.

      However, if you want to attack your enemies instead of blocking all the time, you can use Severe Punishment which heals back all damage taken for 8 seconds, after which you suffer from Rage Crash causing all healed damage to instantly return. It is a risk move for a tank to use Rage Crash, but it is possible for you to deal low damage and avoid blocking all the time

  17. Gregory

    Thanks for posting this guide! I have been looking at this site a lot recently, ad have found a ton of useful information. I only have one question about this loadout. I noticed you don’t use rage blast. Why? It is the signature taunt of the Rage tank, so isn’t it useful? The only reason I can think of is that this build looks like it is more of an AoE tank loadout. And I incorrect, or did I just miss something?

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Gregory,

      Thanks for your support and your comment. You are right about saying this is more like an AOE build and it uses Ragebringer as main aggro power. However, Rage Blast is an excellent aggro power, you can use it instead of Ragebringer or Redirected Rage.

  18. Jeremy Jones

    You say they will release 3 parts to WotL DLC. Rage (Red) came out in part 1. I know that Hope (blue) will be next. What is the third color? Greed (orange), violet (love), or indigo (compassion) powers? Or you dont know at this time?

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      well thats what i heard from online videos. they havent revealed what powers or how will they introduce colors to the game. We just have to wait patiently for new announcements

    2. Julius Augustus

      I dont think it will be orange, since there is only one ring there.. And Violet and Indigo seems to be mostly heroes, same with Blue.. But well.. As long as its not Orange then I dont mind what they pick.. It’s really interesting to follow these styles ^^..

    3. trollman

      they cant put life(white light) cuz to be a white lantern you need to master all the other lights so its kinda inconvinient

  19. Alan

    I did a loudout like that and it work a lot… im surprised to see the same loudout here. glad for see another one that thinks like me. Congratulation!

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Jeremy

      DLC info and announcements for future DLC Content are given in the interviews, but they are not official.

  20. Jeremy Elliott

    Probably asking the wrong persons but do you think they will release a blue lantern power set? Possibly as a healer class? They have green/yellow as control and red as tank so why not a blue healer? I’ve always perfered the blue lanterns over all, even the black lanterns.

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      well jeremy they will release 3 parts of War of the Light and they announced all lanterns color will be introduced when they finished war of the light; however, this will not be very soon because they will release some content related to Amazons for next DLC

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