Rage Tank Guide


Rage Tankers keep the group safe by attracting enemies’ attention by aggravating or taunting and absorbing their attacks with high levels of defense, toughness, dominance, and health; they defer incoming damage and share their rage with their allies. Rage is the game’s 12th power set.

Rage is a power set available through the download of the ”War of the Light: Part 1” DLC.

Stat Priority
As a tank, your main statistics will be, in order of importance:

  • Defense: Defense reduces damage from non-player enemies. (71 defense=1% damage reduction).
  • Toughness: Toughness reduces damage from players enemies. (71 Toughness =1% damage reduction).
  • Health: Health measures ability to withstand knockout
  • Dominance: Dominance makes your effects, like stuns, knocks, and pulls, work on enemies.

Power Points Build
Use this guide to view the selected talents to include in your build:


This build only use 12 power points, so you can use the last 3 power points in the Iconic tree:

  • Nanoweave Armor: Permanently gain +50 Defense +100 Toughness
  • Powerful Resistance: Permanently gain +100 Health
  • Intimidating Gaze: Permanently gain +25 Dominance

Rage Tank Loadout


  1. Ragebringer: Smother your target and nearby enemies in rage energy, damaging and dragging them toward you. You receive healing equal to a portion of the damage dealt.
  2. Severe Punishment: heals back all damage taken for 8 seconds, after which you suffer from Rage Crash causing all healed damage to instantly return. You gain +10% Control Resistance and +10% Health. (usable while controlled)
  3. Outrage: Damages and stuns enemies in your path. Rage Combo [Hold Melee] Extra Measure: Damages and knocks your target and nearby enemies down (Vulnerable to Block). (While performing this attack or combo, damage caused by Rage Crash is ignored).
  4. Ire: Focus your seething anger, freeing yourself from control effects and healing yourself instantly. Extends immunity against debuffs and control effects to up to 7 group members. (usable while controlled)
  5. Galling Eruption: Disgorge blistering plasma all around you, damaging enemies caught in the pool. Inflicts Plasma Burn making enemies vulnerable to plasma attacks. Damage caused by Rage Crash is significantly reduced while standing in plasma.
  6. Redirected Rage: Construct a shield from the essence of rage, preventing incoming damage. Some damage may be directed back at your attacker (usable while controlled)
  7. Vindictive: While in the single-minded state, you heal back all damage taken and are immune to Rage Crash. Press the Vindictive button again to toggle this effect off. [7.5%/sec Supercharge Cost] (usable while controlled)

Rage Tank Tips

  • Severe Punishment will cause Rage Crash after 8 seconds. Activate Outrage and its Rage Combos immediately after the Rage mode ends in order to prevent the Rage Crash Damage.
  • Activate Vindictive to heal back all damage taken and be immune to Rage Crash. Remember to toggle the effect off.
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12 thoughts on “Rage Tank Guide

  1. Gregory

    Thanks for posting this guide! I have been looking at this site a lot recently, ad have found a ton of useful information. I only have one question about this loadout. I noticed you don’t use rage blast. Why? It is the signature taunt of the Rage tank, so isn’t it useful? The only reason I can think of is that this build looks like it is more of an AoE tank loadout. And I incorrect, or did I just miss something?

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Gregory,

      Thanks for your support and your comment. You are right about saying this is more like an AOE build and it uses Ragebringer as main aggro power. However, Rage Blast is an excellent aggro power, you can use it instead of Ragebringer or Redirected Rage.

  2. Jeremy Jones

    You say they will release 3 parts to WotL DLC. Rage (Red) came out in part 1. I know that Hope (blue) will be next. What is the third color? Greed (orange), violet (love), or indigo (compassion) powers? Or you dont know at this time?

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      well thats what i heard from online videos. they havent revealed what powers or how will they introduce colors to the game. We just have to wait patiently for new announcements

    2. Julius Augustus

      I dont think it will be orange, since there is only one ring there.. And Violet and Indigo seems to be mostly heroes, same with Blue.. But well.. As long as its not Orange then I dont mind what they pick.. It’s really interesting to follow these styles ^^..

  3. Alan

    I did a loudout like that and it work a lot… im surprised to see the same loudout here. glad for see another one that thinks like me. Congratulation!

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Jeremy

      DLC info and announcements for future DLC Content are given in the interviews, but they are not official.

  4. Jeremy Elliott

    Probably asking the wrong persons but do you think they will release a blue lantern power set? Possibly as a healer class? They have green/yellow as control and red as tank so why not a blue healer? I’ve always perfered the blue lanterns over all, even the black lanterns.

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      well jeremy they will release 3 parts of War of the Light and they announced all lanterns color will be introduced when they finished war of the light; however, this will not be very soon because they will release some content related to Amazons for next DLC

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