Bow Mastery

Bow is a slower, precise long-range style using a bow weapons. Weapon Mastery, introduced in Game Update 36, allows player to perform cross-weapon combos.

Bow can combo into select Martial Arts and Dual Pistol attacks.

To unlock Bow Mastery, players must spend 20 skill points in Bow tree. Depending on their needs, they should spend skill points on required Statistics for their Power role. Furthermore, they must unlock the next Bow Combos:

  • Kip-Up Launcher
  • Bow Slam
  • Explosive Shot
  • Flurry Shot

Bow can be accessed as a Cross-Weapon from the following weapons:

  • Dual Wield
    • Flurry Shot Mastery
    • Explosive Shot Mastery
  • Hand Blaster
    • Explosive Shot Mastery
    • Arrow Fling Mastery
  • Two Handed
    • Flurry Shot Mastery
    • Arrow Storm Mastery

Purchasing Bow Mastery causes required attacks combos to hit for increased damage. It will also increase critical strike damage and resistance to control effects while using Bow .

Weapon Mastery Tips

Unlocking as much weapon mastery as you can will grant you access to the Weapon Mastery Points which require you to spend 21 skill points in that weapon tree.

We suggest you to focus on your Main Weapon tree (Bow) and both Cross-Weapons’s tree (Martial arts & Dual Pistols).

Cross-Weapon Combos

Using a super power at the moment Cross-Weapon Combos impact will increase the super power’s chance to crit by 360% and its critical damage significantly.

On healer, tank, and control role, using a super power at the moment Cross-Weapon Combos impact will decrease the super power’s Power cost.

Martial Arts Mastery Combos
Smoke Bomb Mastery (Recommended) Spinning Punch Mastery (Recommended)
 bow_wm_combo1 bow_wm_combo2
Dual Pistol Mastery Combos
Full Auto Mastery (Recommended) Magnum Round Mastery (Optional)
bow_wm_combo3 bow_wm_combo4

Bow Statistics

bow Total Point x1 Point x3 Point x6 WM Point x3
Precision 98 5  18 75
Might 85  10 75
Health 192  42 150
Defense / Toughness  30  30
Dominance 21 21
Vitalization 28  4 24
Power 147 36 36 75
Restoration 135 3 42 90
Critical Attack Chance  3%  3%
Critical Attack Damage
Power Heal Critical 1% On the third point of Power
Critical Healing Chance
Critical Healing Magnitude  12% 12%

Unlocking Bow points for Roles

Players must spend at least 20 skill points in Bow tree to unlock the Weapon Mastery; so depending on their role, they can spend their skill points in this way.

First of all, unlock recommended Bow Combos:

  • Bow Weapon Proficiency – 1 skill point
  • Kip Up Launcher – 1 skill point
  • Arrow Fling – 1 skill point
  • Bow Slam – 1 skill point
  • Flurry Shot – 1 skill point
  • Impact Arrow – 1 skill point
  • Trick Shots – 1 skill point
    • Grants Explosive Shot and Arrow Storm

DPS Role

  • Critical Attack Chance (1% per point): 3 skill points
  • Power  / Power Heal Crit (+12 per point / 1%): 3 skill points
  • Precision (+3 per point): 6 skill points
  • Health (+7 per point): 1 skill point
  • Might / Precision: Weapon Mastery Points x3

Control Role

  • Power  / Power Heal Crit (+12 per point / 1%): 3 skill points
  • Power (+6 per point): 6 skill points
  • Health (+7 per point): 4 skill points
  • Power / Vitalization: Weapon Mastery Points x3
  • Health / Dominance: Weapon Mastery Points x3

Healer Role

  • Critical Healing Magnitude (4% per point): 3 skill points
  • Power  / Power Heal Crit (+12 per point / 1%): 3 skill points
  • Restoration (+7 per point): 6 skill points
  • Health (+7 per point): 1 skill points
  • Restoration: Weapon Mastery Points x3

Tank Role

  • Defense / Toughness (+10 per point): 3 skill points
  • Critical Healing Magnitude (4% per point): 3 skill points
  • Health (+7 per point): 6 skill points
  • Restoration (+7 per point): 1 skill points
  • Health / Dominance: Weapon Mastery Points x3

Bow and Cross-Weapon Statistics

Total bow dual pistols handblaster
Precision 276 98 80 98
Might 285 85 115 85
Health 591 192 207 192
Defense / Toughness 90 30  30  30
Dominance 75 21 21 33
Vitalization 107 28 36 43
Power 405 147  147 111
Restoration 321 135 93 93
Critical Attack Chance 3%  3%
Critical Attack Damage 24% 12% 12%
Power Heal Critical 3%  1% 1% 1%
Critical Healing Chance 3%  3%
Critical Healing Magnitude 24%  12%  12%

20 thoughts on “Bow Mastery

    1. Peter Godtree

      Precision was increased from +5 to +10 point x1 AND from +3 to +7 per point x6
      Might from +10 to +15 point x1
      Health from +7 to +14 per point x6
      Defense/Toughness from +10 to +40 per point x3
      Restoration from +3 to +5 point x1 AND from +7 to +10 per point x6
      Other weapons which use similar numbers were also changed in similar fashion

    2. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks for letting us know about it. We will update numbers as soon as we can. We are currently working on a new app which will enhance the information we provide to the community

  1. Justice L.

    Where is Explosive Shot at? When I go to the Bow Weapon tree, “Explosive Shot” is not one of the choices to spend a skill point on. So how do I get weapon mastery with “Explosive Shot”, when that’s not a choice to purchase under the Bow tree?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Justice, thanks for your question Explosive Shot is part of Trick Shots weapon skill. Unlocking Trick Shots will let you access Arrow Storm and Explosive Shot combos

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Korean, bow is more for Advanced Mechanics that deals damage by recovering full power like Mental, Quantum, Ice. For Fire dps (which sometimes you need to use your weapon in melee situations), i recommend you One Handed or Dual wield (this unlocks Bow as a cross-weapon mastery)

  2. Anonymous J

    Hi! Thanks for this post, this was really helpful. But i’m still confused with what set of skills am i gonna use. atm, i’m using the skills in my acrobatics like zipline attack, etc. without using powers. is it ok? or will i improve alot if i also utilize some skills on the power tab?

  3. Avatar of Khonshu

    Having started with martial arts and finally unlocking the dual pistol cross-weapon mastery, I realized that I could probably do myself a massive favor and invest my next 20 skill points in the future towards the Bow. Theoretically, I could then have three weapon trees to invest in, and I could use all 4 cross-weapon mastery attacks with the Bow. Having said that, would I be crazy to try that with the Gadgets power set? Or would it not be a wise idea for either the Damage Role, Controller Role, or both?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Avatar, you should focus on unlock your main weapon and crossweapon masteries because it will make your weapon combos hit harder than any other attack you make. After 3 weapon masteries you should unlock weapon masteries that gives you great statistics.

    2. Avatar of Khonshu

      @DCUO Bloguide: So, focus on the damage output of my combos first, and then continue going into other styles strictly for the improvement of core statistics according to my chosen role?

      Note: decided to hold off on unlocking a third weapon mastery for now, because I forgot to dip into my Movement Trait skill tree and pick up Break-out mastery and the 4 skills pertaining to stun and knock-back resistance.

  4. portuga005

    After the first mission in the beginning, i bought a bow and when i was to equip my character with it, an info appear saying that i won’t be able to trade him for, another bow for example. Does that mean that i have to stay with the same bow until the end? Also i’ve notice that there is no page for the mentors, it could be interesting to have one since there is, for what i have read, bonus by choosing one of them.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Portuga005, items can have in their description: Cannot Trade and Cannot Sell. Cannot Trade means that you wont be able to pass it to another player or sell it in Broker. On the other hand, Cannot Sell means that you cant sell unless you go to the broker and sell it there.

      Tiers equipment cannot be sell and cannot be trade so you just need to destroy the item to clean your inventory. You can change your weapon anytime you want and can, cannot trade or cannot sell dont affect what weapon or equipment you use

  5. Jared Kreamer

    Hi Ilove what you’re doing here really helping people to be the best they can be. I was hoping that you could post a screenshot of the bow skill tree to show what skill points should be spent on. Thanks and again great work on these guides.

    1. Jared Kreamer

      I’m personally a gadget troller so that is the skill set i would be most interested in. Again thank you.

    2. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hi Jared, that is an excellent idea. We will work on it to provide that info soon 🙂

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