Hand Blaster Mastery
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Hand Blaster is a fast, melee/ranged style that directs power through bare hands. Weapon Mastery, introduced in Game Update 36, allows player to perform cross-weapon combos.

Hand Blaster can combo into select Brawling and Bow attacks.

To unlock Hand Blaster Mastery, players must spend 20 skill points in Hand Blaster tree. Depending on their needs, they should spend skill points on required Statistics for their Power role. Furthermore, they must unlock the next Hand Blaster Combos:

  • Fist Slam
  • Launching Uppercut
  • Solar Flame
  • Meteor Blast

Hand Blaster can be used as a Cross-Weapon from:

Purchasing Hand Blaster Mastery causes required attacks combos to hit for increased damage. It will also increase critical strike damage and resistance to control effects while using Hand Blaster.

Weapon Mastery Tips

Unlocking as much weapon mastery as you can will grant you access to the Weapon Mastery Points which require you to spend 21 skill points in that weapon tree.

We suggest you to focus on your Main Weapon tree (Hand Blaster) and both Cross-Weapons’s tree (Brawling & Bow).

Cross-Weapon Combos

Using a super power at the moment Cross-Weapon Combos impact will increase the super power’s chance to crit by 360% and its critical damage significantly.

On healer, tank, and control role, using a super power at the moment Cross-Weapon Combos impact will decrease the super power’s Power cost.

Brawling Mastery Combos
Ground Pound Mastery (Recommended) Haymaker Mastery (Recommended)
handblaster_wm_combo1 handblaster_wm_combo2
Bow Mastery Combos
Explosive Shot Mastery (Optional) Arrow Fling Mastery (Recommended)
 handblaster_wm_combo3 handblaster_wm_combo4

Hand Blaster Statistics

handblaster Total Point x1 Point x3 Point x6 WM Point x3
Precision 98 5 18 75
Might 75 75
Health 210 15  45 150
Defense / Toughness
Dominance 42 21 21
Vitalization 36 12 24
Power 111 36 75
Restoration 138 3+3 42 90
Critical Attack Chance  3% 3%
Critical Attack Damage
Power Heal Critical 1% On the third point of Dominance
Critical Healing Chance
Critical Healing Magnitude 12%  12%

Unlocking Hand Blaster points for Roles

Players must spend at least 20 skill points in Hand Blaster tree to unlock the Weapon Mastery; so depending on their role, they can spend their skill points in this way.

First of all, unlock recommended Hand Blaster Combo:

  • Hand Blaster Weapon Proficiency – 1 skill point
  • Meteor Blast – 1 skill point
  • Solar Flame – 1 skill point
  • Fist Slam – 1 skill point
  • Uppercut – 1 skill point

DPS Role

  • Critical Attack Chance (1% per point): 3 skill points
  • Health (+15 per point): 3 skill points
  • Precision (+3 per point): 6 skill points
  • Dominance / Power Heal Crit (+7 per point / 1%): 3 skill points
  • Might / Precision: Weapon Mastery Points x3

Control Role

  • Dominance / Power Heal Crit (+7 per point / 1%): 3 skill points
  • Vitalization (+2 per point): 6 skill points
  • Power (+6 per point): 6 skill points
  • Power / Vitalization: Weapon Mastery Points x3
  • Health / Dominance: Weapon Mastery Points x3

Healer Role

  • Critical Healing Magnitude (4% per point): 3 skill points
  • Health (+15 per point): 3 skill points
  • Restoration (+7 per point): 6 skill points
  • Power (+6 per point): 3 skill points
  • Restoration: Weapon Mastery Points x3

Tank Role

  • Health (+15 per point): 3 skill points
  • Dominance / Power Heal Crit (+7 per point / 1%): 3 skill points
  • Critical Healing Magnitude (4% per point): 3 skill points
  • Restoration (+7 per point): 6 skill points
  • Health / Dominance: Weapon Mastery Points x3

Hand Blaster and Cross-Weapon Statistics

Total handblaster dualwield dualwield
Precision 276 98  80 98
Might 265 75  105 85
Health 612 210  210 192
Defense / Toughness 30  30
Dominance 105  42 42  21
Vitalization 100 36  36 28
Power 369  111  111 147
Restoration 411 138  138  135
Critical Attack Chance 3%  3% 3%
Critical Attack Damage 24% 12% 12%
Power Heal Critical 3%  1% 1% 1%
Critical Healing Chance 3% 3%
Critical Healing Magnitude 24%  12%  12%

10 comments on “Hand Blaster Mastery
  1. Andrew Lee

    Great info here, but I had some clarification questions:
    1) Besides adding additional cross-weapon attack options, what is/are the advantage(s) of focusing on BOTH weapon trees? After having already invested points into one weapon mastery combo and obtaining the weapon mastery points, is there an advantage compared to investing points into an entirely separate tree (i.e. dual pistol)?

    For example, with my character, after obtaining hand blast mastery, I put points into explosive shot (bow) and then invested points into the might/precision weapon mastery point innates. Rather than putting my additional points into brawling, I put them into dual pistol, as it seems funner to play with the option of playing with dual pistols compared to brawling. In the dual pistol tree, I then just rinsed and repeated in the dual pistol tree by investing the necessary points to obtain the beneficial innates

    2) Are there disadvantages to the way that I did it? Other than allowing me an extra weapon combo to choose from while using hand blast, are there any other advantages (like stat bonuses, etc.?

    3) Also what is the advantage of the arrow fling combo vs. explosive shot? I’m a ranged dps, so explosive shot seems to fit my playing style better. Also, the animation looks more stylish (to me, at least).

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Andrew, thanks for your question. Spending skill points follow these rules:
      1. Unlock recommended skills from movement trees
      2. Unlock main weapon mastery
      3. Unlock cross-weapon masteries
      4. Enable weapon mastery combos from main weapon
      5. Unlock weapon mastery stats bonus from the bottom of the tree from your main weapon and cross-weapon masteries
      6. Unlocks additional weapon masteries, especially weapon trees that provide recommended stats to your power.

      In our weapon mastery guides, we mark weapon mastery combos as recommended and optionals. It is not about having all, it is about using the best and fastest weapon mastery combos in order to inflict heavy damage to your enemies.

      Skill points are meant to increase your characters effectiveness with their role. You need at least 95 skill points for your character to work to its full potential. However, there are players with 200+ skill points that makes them so much powerful than a character with 100 skill points or less in situations like alerts or raids.

      Hope this answer your questions 🙂

  2. I barely unlocked the mastery for hand blast. But don’t notice any difference . Is there any changes I should be aware of ?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Merca, by unlocking masteries, the required combos for the unlocked will hit stronger than before, you will be able to get weapon mastery skill points at the bottom of the tree, and by unlocking cross-weapon masteries will allow you to use weapon mastery combos which give you weapon mastery crit bonus and also hit harder than any other normal weapon attack

  3. I don’t quite understand cross-weapon combos, ¿what do they mean by “using a superpower”?
    and another thing: ¿does this mean i basically need at least 43 skill points (both masteries) to use them?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Cesar, using your weapon mastery combos in dps mode will give you a 360% change to have your next superpower used be critical and also this bonus enhanced the damage done by that superpower. You can find more about Weapon Mastery here http://dcuobloguide.com/guides/weapon-mastery-explained/

      You basically need over 80 points to unlock your 3 basics weapon mastery trees. You will need 20 for Hand Blaster, 20 for Brawling, and 20 for Bow; add 9 more points to unlock might/precision mastery skill points at the bottom of each tree, three points to unlock recomended weapon mastery combos, and 7 points for the Movement tree. This is only talking about basics for your character work to its full potential. With more skill points more powerful your character is, the limit now is 196 but having 120 will make you do good damage.

      If you want to have skill points check our feat guides here http://dcuobloguide.com/feats/

  4. Ricardo


    First, sorry about my english, is not to good.

    I have a Ice Tank cr99, but my question is about, what weapon mastery do u recommend for Tank (Ice Tank).?? I use One Handed or Staff (no weapon mastery)… but now with the weapon mastery i dont know what is a better combination for me.


    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Ricardo, as a tank you will both One Handed and Staff are great for the job. I prefer One handed because it is faster than Staff. About the better combination, you should unlock the cros-weapon mastery that grants you more melee combos. For example, if you choose one handed then unlock dual wield mastery and is weapon mastery combos in the One Handed tree.

      I hope this answer your question:)

  5. Jackson

    How do these do as a beginning weapon dps wise?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jackson, as a beginning weapon Hand Blaster can be very difficult to manage because its main damage comes from Range DPS, this will cause you to be interrupted. I recommend you One Handed, Dual Wield, or Brawling as your beginning Weapon

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