Martial Arts Mastery
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Martial Arts is a fluid, medium-speed melee style focusing on feet and hand strikes. Weapon Mastery, introduced in Game Update 36, allows player to perform cross-weapon combos.

Martial Arts can combo into select Dual Pistols and Hand Blaster attacks.

To unlock Martial Arts Mastery, players must spend 20 skill points in Martial Arts tree. Depending on their needs, they should spend skill points on required Statistics for their Power role. Furthermore, they must unlock the next Martial Arts Combos:

  • Knee Launch
  • Cartwheel Kick
  • Spinning Punch
  • Enhanced Shuriken

Martial Arts can be accessed as a Cross-Weapon from the following weapons:

  • Bow
    • Smoke Bomb Mastery
    • Spinning Punch Mastery
  • Brawling
    • Shuriken Storm Mastery
    • Enhanced Shuriken Mastery
  • Two Handed
    • Knee Launch Mastery
    • Spinning Punch Mastery

Purchasing Martial Arts Mastery causes required attacks combos to hit for increased damage. It will also increase critical strike damage and resistance to control effects while using Martial Arts.

Weapon Mastery Tips

Unlocking as much weapon mastery as you can will grant you access to the Weapon Mastery Points which require you to spend 21 skill points in that weapon tree.

We suggest you to focus on your Main Weapon tree (Martial Arts) and both Cross-Weapons’s tree (Dual Pistol & Hand Blaster).

Cross-Weapon Combos

Using a super power at the moment Cross-Weapon Combos impact will increase the super power’s chance to crit by 360% and its critical damage significantly.

On healer, tank, and control role, using a super power at the moment Cross-Weapon Combos impact will decrease the super power’s Power cost.

Dual Pistol Mastery Combos
Loft Shot Mastery (Recommended) Sweep Shot Mastery (Optional)
 martialarts_wm_combo1 martialarts_wm_combo2
Hand Blaster Mastery Combos
Uppercut Mastery (Recommended) Meteor Blast Mastery (Recommended)
 martialarts_wm_combo3 martialarts_wm_combo4

Martial Arts Statistics

martial arts Total Point x1 Point x3 Point x6 WM Point x3
Precision 80 5 75
Might 115  10  30 75
Health 207  15  42 150
Defense / Toughness  30  30
Dominance 21 21
Vitalization 36 12 24
Power 147 36 36 75
Restoration 93 3 90
Critical Attack Chance
Critical Attack Damage  12%  12%
Power Heal Critical 1% On the third point of Power
Critical Healing Chance  3%  3%
Critical Healing Magnitude

Unlocking Martial Arts points for Roles

Players must spend at least 20 skill points in Martial Arts tree to unlock the Weapon Mastery; so depending on their role, they can spend their skill points in this way.

First of all, unlock recommended Martial Arts Combos:

  • Martial Arts Weapon Proficiency – 1 skill point
  • Knee Launch – 1 skill point
  • Cartwheel Kick – 1 skill point
  • Elbow Drop – 1 skill point
  • Spinning Punch – 1 skill point
  • Shuriken Storm – 1 skill point
  • Enhanced Shuriken – 1 skill point
  • Smoke Bomb (for Bow Mastery combo)

DPS Role

  • Critical Attack damage (+4% per point)3 skill points
  • Might (+5 per point): 6 skill points
  • Power / Power Heal Crit  (+12 per point / 1% ): 3 skill points
  • Health (+7 per point): 1 skill point
  • Might / Precision: Weapon Mastery Points x3

Control Role

  • Power / Power Heal Crit  (+12 per point / 1%): 3 skill points
  • Vitalization (+2 per point): 6 skill points
  • Power (+6 per point):  4 skill points
  • Power / Vitalization: Weapon Mastery Points x3
  • Health / Dominance: Weapon Mastery Points x3

Healer Role

  • Critical Healing Chance (1% per point): 3 skill points
  • Power / Power Heal Crit  (+12 per point / 1%): 3 skill points
  • Health (+7 per point): 6 skill points
  • Power (+6 per point)1 skill point
  • Restoration: Weapon Mastery Points x3

Tank Role

  • Defense / Toughness (+10 per point): 3 skill points
  • Critical Healing Chance (1% per point): 3 skill points
  • Health (+7 per point): 6 skill points
  • Power / Power Heal Crit  (+12 per point / 1% ): 1 skill point
  • Health / Dominance: Weapon Mastery Points x3

Martial Arts and Cross-Weapon Statistics

Total martial arts dual pistols handblaster
Precision 276 80 98 98
Might 275 115  85 75
Health 609 207 192 210
Defense / Toughness 60 30  30
Dominance 96 21 33 42
Vitalization 115 36 43 36
Power 369 147  111 111
Restoration 324 93 93 138
Critical Attack Chance 3% 3%
Critical Attack Damage 24% 12% 12%
Power Heal Critical 3%  1% 1% 1%
Critical Healing Chance 3%  3%
Critical Healing Magnitude 24% 12%  12%

10 comments on “Martial Arts Mastery
  1. Robyfram

    On what class would you recommand martial arts, as i wanted to play controler dps. But I am open to any suggestion.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Roby, it is more important getting the power you must like rather than choosing a weapon. Quantum and Light are my favorite controller powers, you can play with martial arts with them but while you get more experience with the game you will be able to use other weapons. It can easily use any weapon you want but you wont be able to change your power class unless you buy a respec power token

  2. Atacenk Urut

    Hi there, i need crosshair weapons skill trees. I mean which skills i should open it hand blasters and duel pistols? Is there an image of it?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Atecenk, thanks for your comment. We dont provide images of how to distribute skill points but in each weapon mastery guide you can find a section called Unlocking “Weapon” points for Roles so you can see how to distribute them

  3. Someonespecial

    I understand the whole mastery concept..but how do u know when ur doing a master combo move? Does it look different? And how can u hold a button twice? I keep doing the same move..for bothe uppercut mastery and its partner solar flame mastery…HELP ME PLZ GET THIS RIGHT LOL…

  4. For the dps recommendations, isn’t it strictly better to put 3 points in power/power heal crit and 3 in power than to put the full 6 in power?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Of course Ian, you should unlock the 3 points of Power/Power Crit Heal. You will get more power than unlocking it with 6 points

  5. Senzerar


    Under dps role you list to spec 2 times in Might Innates. 1 of 3 and 1 of 6. However ingame I only have 1×6 might innate and no 1×3. Is this an error in the writing of this guide?


    • dcuobloguide Post author

      Thanks Senzerar for your comment, we already edit that part of the guide 🙂

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