Staff Mastery

Staff is a fast, dexterous style utilizing a long melee weapon.. Weapon Mastery, introduced in Game Update 36, allows player to perform cross-weapon combos.

Staff can combo into select One Handed and Rifle attacks.

To unlock Staff Mastery, players must spend 20 skill points in Staff tree. Depending on their needs, they should spend skill points on required Statistics for their Power role. Furthermore, they must unlock the next Staff Combos:

  • Martial Flowers
  • Focused Spin

Purchasing Staff Mastery causes required attacks combos to hit for increased damage. It will also increase critical strike damage and resistance to control effects while using Staff .

Weapon Mastery Tips

Unlocking as much weapon mastery as you can will grant you access to the Weapon Mastery Points which require you to spend 21 skill points in that weapon tree.

We suggest you to focus on your Main Weapon tree (Staff) and both Cross-Weapons’s tree (One Handed & Rifle).

Cross-Weapon Combos

Using a super power at the moment Cross-Weapon Combos impact will increase the super power’s chance to crit by 360% and its critical damage significantly.

On healer, tank, and control role, using a super power at the moment Cross-Weapon Combos impact will decrease the super power’s Power cost.

One Handed Mastery Combos
Cleave Mastery (Recommended) Air Lunch Mastery (Recommended)
 staff_wm_combo1 staff_wm_combo2
Rifle Mastery Combos
Flip Burst Mastery (Optional) Mortar Mastery (Recommended)
 staff_wm_combo3 staff_wm_combo4

Staff Statistics

staff Total Point x1 Point x3 Point x6 WM Point x3
Precision 93  18 75
Might 85  10 75
Health 207  15  42 150
Defense / Toughness  30 30
Dominance 42 21 21
Vitalization 28  4 24
Power 111 36 75
Restoration 135 3 42 90
Critical Attack Chance  3%  3%
Critical Attack Damage
Power Heal Critical 1% On the third point of Dominance
Critical Healing Chance
Critical Healing Magnitude  12%  12%

Unlocking Staff points for Roles

Players must spend at least 20 skill points in Staff tree to unlock the Weapon Mastery; so depending on their role, they can spend their skill points in this way.

First of all, unlock recommended Staff Combos:

  • Staff Weapon Proficiency – 1 skill point
  • Marial Flowers – 1 skill point
  • Roundhouse Combo – 1 skill point
  • Downward Smash Combo – 1 skill point
  • Leaping Overhead Strike Combo – 1 skill point

DPS Role

  • Critical Attack Chance (1% per point): 3 skill points
  • Precision (+3 per point): 6 skill points
  • Health (+7 per point): 6 skill points
  • Might / Precision: Weapon Mastery Points x3

Control Role

  • Dominance / Power Heal Crit (+7 per point / 1%): 3 skill points
  • Power (+6 per point): 6 skill points
  • Health (+7 per point): 6 skill points
  • Power / Vitalization: Weapon Mastery Points x3
  • Health / Dominance: Weapon Mastery Points x3

Healer Role

  • Critical Healing Magnitude (4% per point): 3 skill points
  • Health (+7 per point): 6 skill points
  • Restoration (+7 per point): 6 skill points
  • Restoration: Weapon Mastery Points x3

Tank Role

  • Defense / Toughness (+10 per point): Points x3
  • Dominance / Power Heal Crit (+7 per point / 1%): 3 skill points
  • Health (+7 per point): 6 skill points
  • Critical Healing Magnitude (4% per point): 3 skill points
  • Health / Dominance: Weapon Mastery Points x3

Staff and Cross-Weapon Statistics

Total staff one handed rifle
Precision 284 93 98 93
Might 255 85 85 85
Health 612 207 195 210
Defense / Toughness 30  30
Dominance 108 42 33 33
Vitalization 110 28 39 43
Power 333 111 111 111
Restoration 408 135 138 135
Critical Attack Chance 6%  3%  3%
Critical Attack Damage 12% 12%
Power Heal Critical 3%  1% 1% 1%
Critical Healing Chance 3% 3%
Critical Healing Magnitude 24%  12% 12%

6 thoughts on “Staff Mastery

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello FRNT, staff is a great tanking weapon because it hits multiple enemies with their combos 🙂

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Justadvice, your skill points should always be higher than your Combat rating. Staff: Mortar Mastery will be great for healing because it increases hit counter fast which help regenerate power faster

  1. PFCIceman

    Did you know that your weapon mastery combos for the staff were off? For the one handed you show flurry and air launch and the rifle you show full auto and slip shot. The moves for one handed are cleave and air launch and the rifle is flip burst and mortar. Sure it was just a mistake thought I would inform you of it. Awesome guides by the way.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Iceman for letting us know, there was a misspell combo names in this guide 🙂

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