8th Precinct: Challenge
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Hero: Free the Titans, and defeat Trigon inside Raven’s Soul-Self.

Villain: Trigon’s hold on Raven is slipping. Fight your way past the Titans in the station to get to Raven and bring Trigon’s evil fully into this plane.

Challenge Information

8th Precinct – T1 Challenge
Faction Heroes and Villains
Minimun CR 30
Relevant to CR 30 – 53

Available Feats

Feat name Faction Type Star Rating
School of Hard Knocks: Raven  Both Solo > Iconic Battles  star1
Defeat Raven in the 8th Precinct squad house without using any consumable items or supercharge abilities.
Arcane Luck  Hero Solo > Survival  star1
Complete the MPD 8th Precinct solo instance without being knocked out
Sin No More  Hero Solo > Hideouts  star1
Defeat all of Trigon’s sin demons in the Science Police HQ.
The Power to Live  Villain Solo > Survival  star1
Complete the MPD 8th Precinct solo instance without being knocked out.
Smashing Science  Villain Solo > Hideouts  star1
Defeat 30 Science Police Officers in Science Police HQ.

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2 comments on “8th Precinct: Challenge
  1. But how do you get access to this challenge if it’s not in your menu??

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello JG, this challenge can be found in the 1 Player -> TIER 1. It will only be shown if you reach level 30.

      If you have level 30 and you cant see it, try relogging

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