Circe’s Trial: Challenge
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Both: Discover Circe’s involvement in the planned Amazon attack on Gotham City.

Challenge Information

Circe’s Trial – T6 CHALLENGE
FACTION Heroes and Villains
REQUIREMENTS DLC Pack – Amazon Fury: Part 1

Available Feats

Happy, Hippolyta? Both Episodes > Amazon Fury: Part 1 star2
Without letting your ally get knocked out, complete the Iconic Vision: Circe’s Trial solo instance with every combination of Daring Statues and allies
Witch Trial Both Episodes > Amazon Fury: Part 1 star2
Complete the Iconic Vision: Circe’s Trial solo instance once without activating her deceptions, and once after activating all of them
One Woman Army Both Episodes > Amazon Fury: Part 1 star3
Complete the Iconic Vision: Circe’s Trial solo instance without using her Legends loadout pet powers: Summon: Bestiamorph Berserker, Mirror Image.

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2 comments on “Circe’s Trial: Challenge
  1. Bradley Paterson
    | Reply

    Any advice on Happy, Hippolyta? this is the only feat I need on the episode/DLC?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Bradley, you need to use health crystals from the last room heal your companion. The last boss deals pretty much range damage so if it comes to you then you should go away and get the crystal. Your companion will always be near the boss so you must get the crystal, go to the boss and break it on it, and last start doing range damage while your pet is getting healed near your enemy. Hope this helps you 🙂

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