New Genesis Defense: Mission
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New Genesis is being threatened by Parademons from Apokolips and by Dreggs rising from the Necropolis. Help neutralize these threats and defend the planet.

Player needs CR 111 to enter New Genesis. Its portal is located at Main Wing in Headquearters

New Genesis Defense – t7 mission
RELEVANT TO CR 111 – 146
REQUIREMENTS DLC Pack – Halls of Power: Part 2
Reward 3 Mark of Victory + Item CR 98 / CR 102

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2 comments on “New Genesis Defense: Mission
  1. Randy Gibbs
    | Reply

    This is the best solo instance yet it’s not so hard that it can’t be done by an entry lvl like some but kinda challenging and 3 marks that is so awesome there really needs to be more solo instances there’s alot of us on here that don’t like being in groups cause you either get some very irritating kids or just super butt holes very rarely have I gotten a cool group so most of my raids and other things that require a qroup is not done I play to enjoy the game not deal with wicked ppl so please more solo I just hit 132cr and this is the only one I know of I can get marks from

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Randy for your comment 🙂

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