Oa Under Siege: Mission

The Black Lanterns’ deadly hunger was not satisfied from corrupting Zamaron. They’ve now set their sights on Oa’s Central Power Battery! Black Lanterns are invading Oa and the Green Lanterns need your help! If they manage to corrupt Oa, it could be too late for the rest of the universe. Help Hal Jordan to repel the Black Lanterns before the Corruption spreads!.

Player needs CR 113 to access Oa Under Siege mission. Its portal is located at Downtown Metropolis Battlezone

Oa Under Siege – t7 mission
FACTION Heroes and Villains
RELEVANT TO CR 113 – 156
REQUIREMENTS DLC Pack – Desecrated Cathedral & Oa Under Siege
Reward 1 Mark of Victory
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2 thoughts on “Oa Under Siege: Mission

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Kronost, it is all about DPS. I recently level up an Ice character and it took my Backups, Orbital, Supply Trinket to be able to defeat them (because i was able to enter the mission but i was low CR to resist their hits)

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