PVE Tier 4: Vendor
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Player Versus Environment (PVE) Tiers are full Armor Sets available to purchase with Marks of Victory

PVE Tiers will raise players Combat Rating to unlock new in-game content. With this guide, players will know where to get these suits, how much do they cost (marks), and what requirements do they have.

 Watchtower  Hall of Doom
pvetier4_map_h pvetier4_map_v
Combat Rating 70
 Equipment CR 78
 Head 55 Marks of Victory  Chest 60 Marks of Victory  Legs 60 Marks of Victory  Shoulders 50 Marks of Victory
 Hands 45 Marks of Victory  Waist 45 Marks of Victory  Feet 45 Marks of Victory  Back 40 Marks of Victory
 Additional Items CR 78
 Trinkets 30 Marks of Victory  Necklace 25 Marks of Victory  Rings 20 Marks of Victory  Face 25 Marks of Victory
 Weapons CR 70
Weapon 70 Marks of Victory
Synthetic Equipment MODS IV – 5 Mark of Victory
redsynthetic5 +27 Might  redsynthetic5 +28 Precision bluesynthetic5 +15 Dominance bluesynthetic5 +69 Health
yellowsynthetic5 +33 Restoration yellowsynthetic5 +19 Vitalization yellowsynthetic5 +80 Power
Generator MODS v4.2 – 1 Mark of Victory
redsynthetic5 +9 Might redsynthetic5 +8 Precision bluesynthetic5 +12 Power bluesynthetic5 +21 Health
yellowsynthetic5 +9 Restoration yellowsynthetic5 +5 Vitalization yellowsynthetic5 +4 Dominance

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2 comments on “PVE Tier 4: Vendor
  1. Willaim
    | Reply

    Does this vendor carry all types of weapons? For example Brawling, hand blaster, one-handed, etc.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Yes Willaim, when you see a vendor that offers power it means you can find all weapons at that cost

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