PVE Tier 7C: Vendor

Player Versus Environment (PVE) Tiers are full Armor Sets available to purchase with Marks of Victory

PVE Tiers will raise players Combat Rating to unlock new in-game content. With this guide, players will know where to get these suits, how much do they cost (marks), and what requirements do they have.

herovendor7c villainvendor7c
Players needs CR142 to buy from Equipment Supplier 212223. The Vendor is located in  Tech Wing at Headquearters.
 Requirements – Combat Rating 142
DLC Pack – Prison Break & The First Piece
DLC Pack – Science Spire & The Phantom Zone
DLC Pack – The Will of Darkseid & Brainiac’s Bottle Ship
 Equipment CR 138
 Chest 60 Marks of Victory  Back 40 Marks of Victory  Waist 45 Marks of Victory Legs 60 Marks of Victory
 Equipment CR 141
 Head 52 Marks of Victory  Shoulders 47 Marks of Victory  Hands 42 Marks of Victory  Feet 42 Marks of Victory
 Face 22 Marks of Victory
 Equipment CR 144
Weapon 70 Marks of Victory  Utility Belt 30 Marks of Victory Trinket 30 Marks of Victory  Neck 25 Marks of Victory
 Rings 25 Marks of Victory
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