Science Spire: Challenge
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Both: Zod’s forces have been snooping around Lex Luthor’s tower in the Tomorrow District, the Scienc Spire. Lois Lane believes they’re after some information stored in Luthor’s database, and has hired you to find out what the Kryptonians are after. Get there right away, and help her out before she gets scooped

Challenge Information

Science Spire – T7 CHALLENGE
FACTION Heroes and Villains
RELEVANT TO CR 146 – 179
REQUIREMENTS DLC Pack – Science Spire & The Phantom Zone

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2 comments on “Science Spire: Challenge
  1. Tor Ivar

    Love your site:)
    Would have been awesome if you had added what kind of armor style that drops at the instances. Easier for the feat hunters:)
    Green, Blue and Purple gear.

    What do you think?:)

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Tor Iva, thanks for your question it is a great idea. We will try to do it but if you want to help you can simply add style drops in comment section so it gets added to the guide 🙂

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