Seeing Shades Again: Mission

Hero: Investigate why Shades have appeared in Gotham City. Find the source and shut it down.

Villain: Shades have appeared in Gotham. Track down their source and stop it by any means necessary

Player needs CR 166 to access Seeing Shades Again mission. These quest givers, Captain Cruz (Heroes) and Lieutenant Muhr (Villains), are located at the Gotham Under Siege area.

Seeing Shades Again – t8 daily mission
FACTION Heroes and Villains
REQUIREMENTS DLC Pack – Amazon Fury: Part 3
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2 thoughts on “Seeing Shades Again: Mission

  1. Devlin

    I have a question. I defeated Faust during this mission but I was qued for an instance and warped to instance. Now I cant reenter portal from gotham under siege to enter themysceria. Is there a way to reset this solo or reenter portal to complete? I tried grouping with another player and made no progress.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Devlin, this mission instances can only be done solo. You wont be able to get in there with anyone 🙁

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