Senator Melantha’s Missions: Mission

Senator Melantha speaks for Queen Hippolyta’s ruling council. A wielder of both diplomacy and magic, the senator has decreed that you will be the one to heip her advance the agendas of Circe and Hippolyta.

Senator Melantha’s Missions – T6 mission
RELEVANT TO CR 100 – 116
REQUIREMENTS DLC Pack – Amazon Fury: Part 1
Reward 1 Mark of Victory

Senator Melantha’s Missions is one of “Amazon Fury: Part 1” Episode missions at Gotham Under Siege. Player needs CR 100 to enter Gotham Under Siege. Senator Melantha’s Missions assign players a random daily mission:

  • Scry Havoc!
  • Suggestion Box
  • Supplies in Demand
Post Gallery
  • SenatorMelantha_1

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