Sentinels of Magic Base: Challenge
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Villains: Break Eclipso free from his prison and release the full power of the Heart of Darkness

Challenge Information

Sentinels of Magic Base – T3 CHALLENGE
FACTION Villains

Available Feats

School of Hard Knocks: Zatanna Villain Solo > Iconic Battles star1
Defeat Zatanna near the Cain Street Mall without using any consumable items or supercharge abilities
By Her Will Villain Solo > Survival star1
Complete the Sentinels of Magic Base solo instance without being knocked out
Watch Your Step Villain Solo > Hideouts star1
Redirect all the portals in the Sentinels of Magic base to Hades

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6 comments on “Sentinels of Magic Base: Challenge
  1. Willykillem?

    The feat for “watch your step” is actually for the first sentinel of magic base you go to as a mission when you have Circe as your mentor. So it can only be accessed if you have that mentor or if you have a friend with that mentor. Otherwise you can also create a new character with Circe as the mentor and finish the first few missions that lead to the hideout. Then you can just complete the feat and use replay badges on your other character.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thank you so much Willykillem for sharing this feedback with the guide 🙂

  2. Mentally Tough

    Thank you for the reply. I could not understand it. It did not look like he did anything for the feat. I am unable to click on the book shelves if that is part ot it.

  3. Mentally Tough

    What are the portals? The mirror like objects? I can not do anything to them while in the T3 challenge.

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