Spark of Parallax: Challenge
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Both: The Spark of Parallax must make it to the Central Power Battery on Qward. Work with Hal Jordan and Sinestro to ensure that the entity of fear is restored, and the Emotional Spectrum is on its way to recovery

Challenge Information

Spark of Parallax – T6 CHALLENGE
FACTION Heroes and Villains
RELEVANT TO CR 105 – 116
REQUIREMENTS DLC Pack – War of the Light: Part 2

Available Feats

Fear Me! Both Episodes > War of the Light: Part 2 star1
Complete the Spark of Parallax solo instance without getting knocked out
Double Trouble Both Episodes > War of the Light: Part 2 star2
Defeat any two of Bleez, Furious Metallo, or Vice within 15 seconds of one another in the Spark of Parallax solo instance
Any Which Way But Lose Both Episodes > War of the Light: Part 2 star2
Defeat Bleez, Furious Metallo, and Vice in every possible order during the Spark of Parallax solo instance

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2 comments on “Spark of Parallax: Challenge
  1. RageOfCrimson
    | Reply

    I’m stuck inside the shield where Vice is kept before you fight him. I try to warp to rally, but the Red Lanterns that are surrounding me are preventing me from warping. PLEASE HELP!!!

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello RageOfCrimson, that is a rare bug you mentioned. Try to relog and enter again the challenge so you can complete it 🙁

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