Warsmith Celandine’s Missions: Mission
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Although a great maker, clever in both mind and hand, Warsmith Celandine struggles somewhat with her new leadership role. Help her accomplish her missions and give her the confidence she needs to lead her sisters to victory

Warsmith Celandine’s Missions – T6 mission
RELEVANT TO CR 100 – 116
REQUIREMENTS DLC Pack – Amazon Fury: Part 1
Reward 1 Mark of Victory

Warsmith Celandine’s Missions is one of “Amazon Fury: Part 1” Episode missions at Gotham Under Siege. Player needs CR 100 to enter Gotham Under SiegeWarsmith Celandine’s Missions assign players a random daily mission:

  • Fire and the Sky
  • Flock, Stock, and Barrel
  • Watch Your Step

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