Announcing the BvS Tournament! #WhoWillWin

The biggest battle between super heroes of our time is about to go down in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, hitting the big screen later this month. There is much speculation about who will win the fight in the movie, and so it is only fitting that we answer that question in DC Universe Online as well. Of course, we’ll do it our way, with an Arena PvP 4v4 double-bracket tournament the Saturday before the movie opens.

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Cross Play Name Consolidation and FAQ

As announced, cross play between PC and PS3/4 is planned to launch the week of January 25, 2016. After cross play, players from PC, PS3, and PS4 will all play together throughout the game, including in On Duty and open world content. Groups and leagues will both be able to contain a mixture of PC and PS3/PS4 players.

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The R&D Gear System

The R&D Gear System expands the existing R&D and salvage systems to offer a new, complementary progression path to the same rare gear found in large group content. The system does not replace playing content for drops but it does add an alternative, slower, and guaranteed path to rare gear for those losing the battle with randomness.

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