Census Leagues List

DCUO Census provide to our community a tool where players can find detailled information about Characters and Leagues.

All information comes from the DayBreakGames Census Data API for DC Universe Online. Character Images, Statistics, Feats, and more are imported by using queries to DayBreakGames Api.

DCUO Bloguide Team created this app to provide the most accurate information about DCUO Characters and Leagues, so players can improve their game experiences.

Character Census

Character Finder: Players can find Characters by their Name and Server. Displayed List will show Character Image, PVE Rating, PVP Rating, and Skill Points

  • Character Show: General information and Statistics
  • Character Equipment: Equipped Items, Statistic and Tactical MODS
  • Character Feats Progress: Active and Completed Feats
  • Character Suggested Feats: Active Feats ordered by Completed Count

League Census

League Finder: Players can find Leagues by their Name and Server. Displayed List will show Members, PVE Masters, and PVP Masters count

  • League Show: This section displays General information for selected League and lists all its Character Members.

Everytime Leagues are selected, our DCUO Census app will rate the League and upload it to our "Internal Ranking Database"

Ranking Characters

Top Characters: Search in "DayBreakGames Census Data API" for Top 100 Characters filtering by Statistics, Faction, and Server.

Ranking Leagues

Top Leagues: Search in our "Internal Ranking Database" for Leagues filtering by Average Statistics, Faction, and Server.

Our previous "DCUO Census (website version)" is not compatible with our new web design and does not have the coolest features which is why links above redirect players to our new DCUO Census Revamped.

Our goal is to have all our DCUO Apps inside our new website in order to offer the best User Experience. We will be working on this as soon as we can!

2 comments on “Census Leagues List
  1. This shit is broke. Search for character to click on league in top league and loads blank.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello James, DCUO Census API is not listing characters which is why all Census Apps including ours are not working. We hope DCUO fix Census fast so players can access our Census 🙁

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